Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Public Figure Fashion Report

Now that we know what the Mayor likes to wear outside of business hours, I think that Little Joey’s site needs to do the hard reporting and let us know what other public figures wear when they are not dressed the nines.

Little Joey should do a whole expose on this issue.

I suggest that to counter-balance the blatant sexism of the first installment, he follows up with the non-work related outfits of Sheriff Lewis. It is a topic of which I am sure that Joey is an expert.

I am sure Little Joey would love to share with us his opinions on the physical attributes of the brave Sheriff. I bet he has sweet little buns, and I need Joey to confirm this.

As a bonus, Little Joey could also report to us the sleeping attire of Sheriff Lewis for both the cold and warm seasons.

Keep up that top-notch *reporting Mr. Racial Sensitivity.


FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

What a pig Mr. Albero is. What a pig!

TomCat said...

Geez a brand new RV and all that money, you'd think he'd have a better way to spend his time. He's going over the top again. Maybe the FBI will come over and investigate how someone broke into his blog. Did anyone really see that comment?

Outraged Richard Jr. said...

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Mr. Albero worries about what the Mayor wears. I, also, can’t understand why you guys waste good time commenting on such mundane posts.

I’m new here, so I’ll introduce myself. I am a young man of 15. I believe I am the adopted son and only child of the highly publicized gay marriage between Outraged Richard and his man love. I don’t yet have the reasoning and writing skills that Dad, Richard, possesses, but I am working hard to make my dads proud. I love you, Dads!
Best wishes to all,
Outraged Richard Jr.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Idiot! said...

Now thats some funny stuff.

Outraged Richard Jr. said...

Mr. Gunpowder and Mr. Idiot,

Yes, I guess my family could be considered “funny.” My dad, Richard, spent much time condemning homosexuality. As is the case with so many politicians, priests and television preachers, his excessive protests were made to hide the shame our society forced him to feel concerning his sexual desires. In the end, (no pun intended), my dads were true to their hearts and married the man of their dreams. I am proud that they shook off the shackles society tried to place upon them, and chose to live in marital harmony and sexual bliss. The over used stereotype of “flaming homosexuals” does not apply to my dads. Like most homosexuals, they are serious minded, responsible members of society. Young straight people aren’t called flaming straights. They are allowed to experience the exuberance of youthful sexuality in peace.
I do hear squeals of delight in the depths of many nights, but I assume I would hear squeals of pleasure if my parents were a straight couple.
I haven’t determined my own sexuality. I have put a couple of penises in my mouth, but I did NOT suck them! Really, all the harassment to which my dads have been subjected has made me think that perhaps auto-sexuality is the way to go. One doesn’t need to be weird about it. If one truly loves oneself, he or she can look at a magazine, watch a video or peek in a motel window, and satisfactorily attend to ones own sexual needs. That way judgmental people don’t see you romantically involved with any other person. Peeking through the keyhole, watching my dads making rough love is my favorite thing to do while pleasuring myself. I’m not gay. I just like to watch. Please don’t tell my dads.

I love you, dads, and I’m very proud to call myself your boy!
My given name isn’t Outraged Richard, Jr. I believe myself adopted by these great, loving men. I proudly call myself Outraged Richard, Jr. I hope to have this regal, noble name become my legal and permanent name. Best wishes to all!

¿Yh8? said...

Where did the idiot go?

TomCat said...

Please can you give us a fashion update? What was Joe wearing when he got the news?

Robert Smith said...

I have seen Joe with some black jeans on when he's been downtown.

The 80's want their jeans back.

TomCat said...

***** PRESS RELEASE *****

Check out
for latest scandal!