Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Open Letter Response to Dr. Tragle with an Emphasis on Exploring the Codependant Relationships of an Egomanic

With all due respect to the Dr, who from what I see is an upstanding gentleman (Aside from the fact that I don’t get your point: She wasn’t running scared from Albero, so an Order of Protection was completely unwarranted? And with all due to respect, what were you doing with Albero in the zoo, the same place he was banned by law, on the day he was allowed back in? You would think that a normal grown man would take a little more tactful approach to re-integrating himself into the zoo again, instead of barging right into said place the moment he was allowed. That action, in and of itself is an extremely disrespectful, antagonistic, and immature move. On second thought, maybe your integrity and judgment needs to come into question.)-

Why does everyone continue to make excuses for this man?

Well, he was concerned about the animals, so he should be allowed to threaten his wife's coworkers and boss.

"Well, he is a little 'abrasive' but he has given the Mayor a hard time and I don’t like the Mayor, so he is a benefit to the community."

This man surrounds himself with co-dependants who allow his ego to get bigger and more unchecked.

He has alienated every single major group in the area, but there are still people that continue to stick up for him. Who out there besides, the two dissenting councilwomen and a handful of Camden Avenue malcontents still support him? How desperate for affirmation is this group that they must associate with Joey?

He is a bully. I’ve gotten in scuffles and disagreements and have rubbed plenty of people the wrong way. From drunk frat boys, to ex-girlfriends, ex-girlfriend’s boyfriends, co-workers, family, etc. I have never had even a fraction of the problems that he seems to have, much less go so far. And as most people that read these blogs can tell, I can be a very unagreeable person and am never without strong opinions and convictions. How can I be bullheaded, Joey can be bullheaded, but how does he have significantly more brushes with the law?

Maybe I am wise and mature beyond my young years(contrary to what my parents, most of my friends, and every old girlfriend has ever said) but I cannot imagine these socialization problems with adults going half as far as Little Joey takes them.

Oh, this is just the Jones incident. Oh, this is just the Chief incident. Oh, this is just the Rapp incident. Oh, this is just the Jannace incident. Oh, this is just the Robinson incident. Oh, this is just the Mayor incident. These have been all out battles, not just tiffs. I have heard excuses for all of them and it pisses me off. These are not singular incidents, these are an interconnected string of events, show a pattern of anti-social behavior that is increasingly erratic and antagonistic. Luckily on these sites we have are able to construct a timeline of events that shows an out of control man on the verge of snapping any day at the slightest provocation due constant excuse making by those around him like his family and the doctor.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Practicing What I Preach

Not to come off too holier than thou, I have noticed that amongst these blogs, the participants have gotten a little carried away in attacking Little Joey for every little thing that he does and it is starting to resemble his one-sided attacks against the city. Joey is allowed to have his opinions and occasionally he is right about one or two things. It should not be our job to attack every opinion or correct his every mistake and to act as if his opinion is any more important or valid than the other bloggers. We have come along way in bringing to light the true nature of Little Joey’s blog. It is when his opinions are so patently absurd or abusive towards innocent people that we should be stepping in. Stick to the facts and issues and prove that we are better than him and his sycophants and do not have to stoop down to their level of personal attacks to get our point across.

There is a great story in the paper today about Council President Smith’s decision to implement a new policy for council members to request information from the various departments in the city. There was good and bad news in reading the comments in the StoryChat section.

The good news is that I was able to correctly guess the tone and lame personal attacks with no real point or basis in fact. Yay me. The bad news is that once again the first response, and often the only response, was completely devoid of intelligent thought.

Nobody compared and contrasted how legislators handle information requests at the Federal of State level with how information is requested at the county level and currently in the city. I would be surprised if anyone even knew or was curious to know about the policies of other Departments who handle legislative requests. I would also venture that they could care less about implementing the correct policy for this level of government.

Where are the pros and cons of this policy? Does it provide greater accountability to make sure that the requests are filled? Does this come at the expense of a timely response? It has been insinuated that the various departments are inundated with requests by the two dissenting councilwomen for information. How will that burden be addressed without having to provide extra monetary resources or extra staffers without compromising their ability to represent their constituents? Is this the best use of their constituent’s resources?

These are the questions that need to be asked. What doesn’t need to be asked is whether or not the Council President’s uncle is proud of her. If I were a man of great ego who claims to bring news to Salisbury and well as trying to improve the whole city and not just embarrass those who run the city, I would try to get to the bottom of this. I would not promote a snarky, although kinda funny, (and evidently two years later, completely false) email from the offending party.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Joey graces our presence and makes a rare blog appearance…….to attack!

Time for a little old school Joey bashing. Remember when the blogs used to pull Little Joeys outrageous and libelous statements before he could pull them after coming to his senses? Remember how he would throw a temper tantrum about us stealing his copywritered words for the purpose of holding him accountable? Remember how he would fume and try to hijack the thread using made-up pseudonyms that were obviously him because he was too little of a man to stand by what he had written?

I half expect Little Joey’s head to explode after this post because all of his pseudonyms have been exposed and I do not allow anonymous comments.

And Jesuschrist, will someone explain to me why he continually puts quotes around the letter ‘I’?!!?

Lets put our Dr. Phil hats on and analyze this pathetic little man…

joealbero said...
Dear Ret. Captain Joe:

I have most of the facts, I simply chose not to disclose them. (Really, because most news sources choose to publish the facts and withhold the rumor and innuendo. I applaud your revolutionary decision to go against the grain. You have found your niche) I am NOT one of the Brothers and "I" have no right exposing some of the personal details. (But everyone else’s irrelevant personal details you are bound by duty to expose? Does your right to expose certain details begin when you decide that it will help you in your vendetta? And the fact that you aren’t a brother precludes you from releasing pertinent details, however it doesn’t stop you from speaking on behalf of them at public meetings?) That's how "I" felt anyway.

Let it be known I know very well who you are as well, so you better be damn careful what you say. One step over the line with me Pal and you'll be visiting a lawyers office very quickly. (There are sooooo many things wrong with that statement. Basically he is stating, ‘You’re a meanie poo, I’m gonna tell my mommy on you.’ What is wrong with our society that disagreements have to be taken to the extreme? From the ghettos to the boardrooms, men let their egos get in the way of societal progress by jumping to use their guns or their lawyers at the drop of the hat because they are not man enough to address the problem they have helped create.)

The mere fact that you'll attack the very Post I put up should tell your fellow co workers the kind of a$$hole you've become over time. (How dare you question the leader of the firefighters! King Joey is never wrong! Ask Robinson.)

If you don't like my Blog, don't return. Again, let me explain myself VERY clear to you. Be VERY careful what you say because I will eat you alive in legal fees. (Not only is he being a pussy by threatening to sue over hurt pride, but he is threatening to sue in excess as to ensure financial ruin for an innocent man who would not get the opportunity to defend himself, because Joey is well aware that he has no case. Also, the irony that Little Joey has in fact been the one to rack up massive legal fees with no triumphant outcome to speak of should not be lost on you, dear reader.)

Don't be stupid and come back acting like a tough guy either because you have never met a man like me before and you'll regret it for as long as you life if you choose to screw with me. (Way too many easy jokes to be made there……discuss this amongst yourselves. But, I’m confused Little Joey, I have screwed with you. I have called you out on numerous instances and for your crimes against humanity, and you have yet to make me regret a thing. Is it because the only thing a man of your “ilk” is possible of is through litigious means? Geez, you have only acknowledged me once [actually as yourself and not hiding behind a pseudonym], and I wouldn’t even consider that to be a stern talking to, much less a lesson from a man such as yourself. You are such a little man that boasts and brags and defames, but is not man enough to stand behind his statements to intelligently defend himself, merely attacking and running away in retreat, back to those that are too shallow and weak to question your pathetic behavior and existence.)

Besides, I think your Post is tatseless and almost bragging rights. (Something that you could neeeevvvveeeer accuse a sbynews post of being.) Very sad.

I've got a keen eye on you. (Usually you prefer to direct your attention to the more effeminate –seriously, think back to Joey’s most famous attacks- men on the Eastern Shore, but it appears as though your interests are changing towards more manly men. Perhaps that would explain your recent infatuation with the fire department and its burly members.)

Friday, July 6, 2007

This Kind Of Stuff Just Writes Itself

Joey has taken to using the following phrases in the past couple of days:

“Back in the day”

“Keeping it real”


I feel it is vital that I share this information with the good people of the Eastern Shore.

I think that Little Joey has noticed my lack of posting this summer and thinks that he can swoop in and steal my position as the Eastern Shore Blog Representative for Minorities and their Advancement. I will not stand for his blatant grab for power and his last hope for credibility by Little Joey.

Is Joey auditioning for a gig at the Source now?

On behalf of all minorities, I ask that Lil’ Bow Wow Albero quit frontin’ on a brotha and his peeps and to learn his role. He better check himself before he wrecks himself. Dont hate the player, hate the game.

Quick, somebody overflow a dumpster to distract him.

*In a follow up to a story previously brought to you by the Daily Idiot Times, the people have still not been made aware of the civilian attire of Sheriff Lewis, and most importantly if he is a boxer or bikini brief man. It has been DAYS and Salisbury News has yet to report on this. Little Joey’s Press Pass isn’t worth the crayons it is drawn with for letting this huge story slide.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Public Figure Fashion Report

Now that we know what the Mayor likes to wear outside of business hours, I think that Little Joey’s site needs to do the hard reporting and let us know what other public figures wear when they are not dressed the nines.

Little Joey should do a whole expose on this issue.

I suggest that to counter-balance the blatant sexism of the first installment, he follows up with the non-work related outfits of Sheriff Lewis. It is a topic of which I am sure that Joey is an expert.

I am sure Little Joey would love to share with us his opinions on the physical attributes of the brave Sheriff. I bet he has sweet little buns, and I need Joey to confirm this.

As a bonus, Little Joey could also report to us the sleeping attire of Sheriff Lewis for both the cold and warm seasons.

Keep up that top-notch *reporting Mr. Racial Sensitivity.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Does this mean our job is done?

Over at the Monoblogue’s site, Michael had a great explanation onto his original post on Joey. Reading between the lines on his post I can see what he was really getting at in his original post and how he feels, and that the first post had good intentions and was not just a venue for Joey’s sycophants and pseudonyms to have a big circle jerk of appreciation. (Once again, I will accept a reading between the lines explanation from bloggers, but it is not acceptable for Council members. They should be grouped in and considered of the same ilk until they decide, if they ever decided, that those actions and behaviors are unacceptable in a modern society.) While I would like to welcome the newest “mainstream” blogger to the good side, I would also like to thank him for leaving enough rope for Little Joey to hang himself on, which Joey was more than happy to oblige.

Our very own Eastern Shore Idol discarded all attempts to maintain integrity in his previous statements that he cares about the city and stated that his website was started in response to “dissing” by Jim Rapp and the Mayor. All other subsequent bullying has come as a result of his family being attacked, as Joey should not get a taste of his own medicine. There must be no mirrors in the Albero/Goetz glass households, as I am sure they are not able to look at themselves after all the hypocritical excuses that have been described ad nausea.

Joey lays it all out in black and white, if you agree with him he will be on your side, but if you go against him he will use whatever means necessary to bring you down.

All you minions that are still out there supporting him better realize that you are just his pawns in a perverted game that him and his family are playing. Their only goal is to bring people down- and for what in the grand scheme of things?

(Joey also goes on in a pathetic attempt to rewrite history as to not come off as such a slime ball to describe his version of things going badly with former friends. Everyone who reads his site knows that he split with Jannace over an actual or perceived injustice over a real estate deal. With Robinson, it was when he decided to finally stand up to Little Joey and propose my theory, without reference, that Little Joey has a little too much sway with the Councilmembers. He neglected to mention his falling out/turning on Duvall and I am sure there are others that I am missing?)

Your support is a reflection of your lack of character. You cannot and should not look past all of his character flaws, for they are not flaws as much as they are the fabric of his being.

I am not perfect. I have a temper. I can be stubborn. I can be too passive-aggressive. Those are character flaws. However, those do not define me. My stubbornness is no reason to avoid association with me. I am still a productive member of society despite (or in spite of?) my character flaws. My being goes much deep then a singular trait.

With Joey it is an ingrained spite that powers all that he does. You cannot take out his anger and inflated sense of self-worth and entitlement without completely changing the fabric of his being.

This should be the end of our journey as the remaining slower citizens that still stick up for Joey and give him validity- Councilwomen Campbell and Cohen included- must now realize that they need to distance themselves from the gentleman from Delaware as he has professed what we have been shouting for months: that this whole campaign is fueled by his own family’s selfish desires.

But there will be those who do not realize this and continue to follow Joey believing that he is on their side despite all evidence to the contrary. These people are to be pitied, as they are most likely the same who supported Mussolini until the end. And as we all know, Mussolini kept the trains running on time.

PS- There is trash outside of the dumpster, I repeat there is trash outside of the dumpster. One day I will tell my grandkids about where I was the moment I found out that there was trash outside of the dumpsters.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Me Thinketh the Lady Doth Protesteth Too Much

Albero is out in full force denying that he has any hand whatsoever in any decision to attack the zoo. Although, in typical pussy-fashion, Joey decides to keep the debate on his severely censored website and only to go after Robinson who is possibly the worst debater ever. (But at least props for having the balls to put this idea into the wide open. Now let us see if you have the balls to give me credit.).

Do you really think that the Councilwomen would consider this and discuss cuts to the zoo without input from Little Joey? Do they expect us to believe that all of this was decided completely independent of Joey? Do you think Joey would not want a say in cuts?

The more Joey goes on about how great an idea it is and how he has all the “facts”, the more suspicious I am of the Councilwomens' plan and the genesis of the idea.

Also, the Alberobots are out in full force talking about how Robinson has defamed Cohen and Campbell, and they are demanding an apology. One commentator on Little Joey’s site went so far as to stress their closeness to the Councilwomen before insinuating that a lawsuit was around the corner. (Apparently for Joey’s bluster about public figures unable to take criticism, the Councilwomen appear to be especially sensitive when the shoe is on the other foot and they are held accountable for their actions. If they cant even take accountability, then just wait until I start spreading the Alberoesque rumor that they once were the traveling groupies with the Charlie Daniels Band in the 70s.)

You can tell that you people hiding over at Joey’s site prefer the company of black slapping sycophants to intelligent discussion and debate as they have yet to learn that you need to depend your beliefs with solid rationale and not Straw Man arguments(or Middle School-style sniping at those that disagree). This one commentator keeps talking about the Councilwomen’s love for animals, as if that is sufficient evidence that they have no nefarious reasons for targeting the zoo with these cuts. We get it, they have a dog, that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. I am not suggesting that they want to kill the animals, merely to kill the jobs of the people who care for the animals- and happen to specifically be enemies of Little Joey.

Now, this has never been as much of an Anti-Albero Blog, as an Anti-Bring-Down-Salisbury-With-A-Petty-Vendetta Blog, so I welcome all of these new names (surprisingly these new names started cropping up at a time where Joey had about 3 comments that didn’t belong to his father over a two week period. Just saying.) to discuss the issues and show that you are not merely mindless drones that cannot think for yourself. Of course you are invited to discuss Little Joey, but we all know that you are too much of a pussy and don’t want to risk exposing yourself as an even bigger IDIOT!

Until that point, I really think we need to take a hard look at the Councilwomen’s cuts and see what else is in there that was dictated by the distinguished gentleman from Delaware. A hard look also needs to be directed at how deep this partnership between the Councilwomen and Joey truly goes. (And no dumbass, just because you didn’t give them money doesn’t mean that you have not made significant contributions to their campaign.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something to think about….

(Sorry for the lack of posting but I have been busy with work, birthdays, and the holiday, but I have been peaking in every now and then. Here is a quick little thought to wet your whistle.)

We all know that Campbell and Cohen are in cahoots with Joey and are implicitly supportive of his behavior and his character assignations (Smith is still aligned with him in my opinion as she benefited, and never tried to distance herself from that behavior). But are they so aligned with the most destructive force in the city that they are making public policy concessions to him already? What is going to happen if they gain a majority in a couple of years?

I am talking about their proposal to essentially kill the Salisbury Zoo as we know it. Of all of their cuts to the budget, I do not believe that any department has been singled out as much as the zoo. Do you think that it is a coincidence they are targeting the one portion of the city that Joey has the biggest hard on for in his vendetta against the city?

PS- A little free advice to the majority of the council who have repeated numerous times that it is not their “job to go through to budget line by line”: Have you lost your damn minds? Jesus Christ, do they not have political advisers on the Eastern Shore? You are about to pass an unpopular tax increase in a hypercritical political environment and you are basically telling the people that you are not going to work as hard as possible to save them money. Get your shit together or you deserve to have Little Joey’s people running the city in a couple of years.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I am Joey’s Complete Lack of Self-Awareness.

Little Joey states about Old Man Duvall: “I hope I never get this bitter when I’m his age.”

Let us parse this short, but telling statement.

He is cognizant of the fact that Duvall is quite crotchety in his old age, so that is evidence that Joey posses the skill to identify and comprehend the emotion of bitterness.

However, the snag comes when Little Joey tries to compare and contrast the identification of emotions in another with that of himself.

Little Joey completely disregards the fact that his whole existence is to carry out a vendetta against the Mayor because of a Hatfield’s v McCoy’s lifestyle that they have chosen and will not drop. (Does anyone have the story behind that civil suit?) I don’t care what side of the debate that you are on, whether or not you support the Mayor or the zoo, you absolutely have to admit that Joey is probably the most bitter man on the Eastern Shore. Jebus Christ, the man felt it necessary to write close to 1000 words of drivel to complain about money being stapled at an auction.

In defense of Little Joey, he could have gotten confused over the additional dimension of time in his comparison equation.

The man has completely disillusioned himself into believing that he is not bitter presently, and becoming more and more so as the Mayor continues to thrive. All of this despite years of the best intentions of Joey and his bitter family.

(Another aside- Geez, I hope you were better at producing light bulb condoms then you are at bringing down the Teflon Mayor. Maybe you should have your dad set up your vendetta from scratch and you will be successful.)

This man is completely disassociated from reality as others have notated before, and this throwaway glimpse into the psyche of Little Joey is a disturbing example of this diagnosis.

PS- It looks like Old Man Duvall beat Little Joey in the “publishing” of the press release about the community tax meeting. You are slacking Little Joey. You starting to get a little paranoid that they like him more then they like you? That old insecurity coming back? Does this mean that Duvall is a MSM journalist like you now?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Has Little Joey Jumped the Shark?

Today's outrage on the Eastern Shore: Staples through cash at an auction.

You need to get on this Joey. You do not have credibility like Duvafiles. You do not provide intellectually stimulating political discussion like Gunpowder and Worcester Right. You aren't funny or interesting like many of blogs that are out there. You certainly are not like my blog which I believe encompasses all of those traits with as well as being incredibly good-looking.

You are the village idiot! that is only good for a laugh and you just aren't delivering. There is no point in posting everyday if it is all pointless, trivial drivel.

Pick a fight with someone crazy, out another blogger; hell out me pussy if you are so all knowing. Your long, strange trip is almost over Joey, time to pack it in.

Bonus assignment: Who should Little Joey attack next and why?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little Joey beats a dead horse about the beating of a dead horse....and then blames all the horse beating/animal cruelty on Jim Rapp

*Mr. Reddish conducts an unprofessional interview with the City Council President.
*Little Joey breaks out the pom poms to cheer on the immature display
*Mr Reddish apologizes on air for his Albero-like behavior
*An official statement is released regarding the incident
*Since the day after the interview, Little Joey declares that everyone is beating a dead horse over the hubbub and to let it drop.

Where exactly was the constant harping on the subject? There was no excessive apologizing or hand wringing. There was no Imus-esque drawn out debacle.

This is just another example of Little Joey trying to not only dictate the tone, but the truth as well. There was no excessive hullabaloo over the interview that wasn't fueled by Joey's zeal for the public lashing. Now, it appears that the public consensus (correct me if I am wrong) is leaning towards the belief that Mr. Reddish was out of line in his channeling of Joey to interview Council President Smith.

Now, instead of acknowledging himself that his support of the interview and previous immature attacks against the Council President were out of line, Joey only wants his readers to ignore his behavior, predictions, and approval of interviewing tactics, and start believing that this non-existent up swell of dissatisfaction created by the Mayor has become too much and we need to move on as a community.

This is the second time in recent days (the feigned indignation- 'there is gambling going on here?!?! I am shocked, shocked!!- over the tone of certain blogs) that Joey has called for the high road to be taken.

That is the problem with self-serving "leaders", and Joey is a prime example, is that they are quick to proclaim this and that, but they are unwilling to actually follow through.

That is what I believe to be the true calling of these blogs: Keepers of record to ensure that the politicians and community leaders are held responsible for their actions. However, there is no reason that this cannot be done without courtesy and respect.

I will now take part in the beating of the horse: Joey is not a community leader in any shape or form, and is merely an opportunist using the blogs and the citizens for his vendetta against those that didnt back down to the big bully. This needs to be on the front of everyone's mind when they read his blog. Everyone reading these blogs needs to know this, from the new bloggers to those lurkers, to those who only read the "legitimate" news blogs. The word needs to get out there so that Joey is completely discredited as long as he is continuing to act in the manner that he has chosen.

I am not saying to not read his blog (How could you not? Everybody loves a train wreck in the making), but when you do, always have it in the front of your mind that no matter helpful the information that the author giving the information does not have the best interest of the city at heart and is merely furthering his vendetta in almost every single post. He must be held accountable for the lies and hate that he spreads. We all know that his time is coming, but the wolf should not be given a free pass to the chicken coup while the farmer makes his way over to handle the situation. (How is that country quote from a Democrat? Ever my blog and metaphors are inclusive.)

In a related note of Alberopocracy: Joey uses a Daily Times poll to validate his point in regards to an apparent mandate for a restaurant owned by Mr. Racial Sensitivity. Apparently when paired with faulty logic and an inability to master the art of percentages, the use of this unscientific poll is perfectly acceptable in an argument.

PS- Thank you to everyone for all the quotes and discussion. To have that many comments is amazing. Joey, I know you are reading this and it is killing you that I had more comments on one post then you have had in the past month. The word is finally getting out about your BS.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Flip-Flop Albero

Joey today went off again over the weekend about another blogger and must have left his PMS medicine back in Delaware as he was in rare hyper-sensitive form. For someone who spends much of his free-time on his mission to bring down all that have wronged him in his life, the only constant has remained his swaying of relative outrage.

To go off on somebody that has merely pointed to the huge disparity been Little Joey and the truth, it is ok to libel, defame, extort, threaten to out, drag family members through the mud. Those are all acceptable forms of "debate" in Joey's book.

On the other hand, when the shoe is on the other foot, Joey becomes all defensive and calls out for the police to come save him from the bullies on the Internet. Do you take your ball home with you too Joey? Bronx my ass. Don't tell me that bull- "'Oh, I need to protect my family'. Nobody is threatening your family, the only thing is risk is their reputation and you have done more to hurt that then any blogger will. What do they call a man who can dish it out but cant take it in the Bronx?

When is this going to stop? He is effectively shutting out all discussion on the issues and is attempting to have his "truth" be the one that everybody believes. This is beyond bringing civility to contentious City Council elections, this is about a tyrant. Say what you want about the Mayor, but has she ever threatened to bring down someone for the simple fact that they disagree with her? Has she ever done it? Joey has, and repeatedly. Joey does more in a single day on his blog to hurt the city, one in which he does not live, then the Mayor has in however many terms she has.

Why is somebody allowed to have a monopoly on the "truth"? Why is somebody allowed to merely shout down his opponents until they quit in disgust? There was outrage over the fact that former Council President Dunn did not allow for excessive rants out of turn at a council meeting, whereas there is relative silence while this monkey attacks and flings his poop at those who look at him funny.

Now we all know how Wit, Gunpowder, Richard, and all the regulars feel. This isn't going somewhere, but we need it to. Lets start a discussion and spread this blog around to get a groundswell of support. I apologize as this isn't the best blog, but I have been busy and this is the best I can do on short notice. We need to stand up once and for all and state that we will not let Little Joey dictate the tone and the message of the debate in Salisbury.

Bonus Joey Logic:

How big of Joey to accept Bill's apology. Nobody went more overboard in attacking the Council President than Joey (well, maybe the Professor as I am guessing there was a dictator/Nazi reference in there that I missed). So if Joey think that Bill is a man for apologizing for a fraction of the hyperbolic diatribe that he himself put on, then what does that make Joey who does not even acknowledge his own immature response? Let us remember, "folks", Joey wants us to move in a positive direction!:

"So Bill got caught up in the moment. It happens Folks. Let’s move on. Let’s understand where Bill was going in the first place and let’s move Salisbury in a positive direction. And Bill, you know of me well enough to know, I understand your frustration Brother! These are tough people to get the truth out of. Let’s hope she comes back. "

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joey also misses the class on not sticking your foot in your mouth

Just wanted to do Little Joey a favor and point out the most glaring mistake in his recent diatribe against the Chief of Police.

As to not copyrighter infringe upon Joey, please allow me to paraphrase this latest beauty from Little Joey:

“The Man is trying to railroad me on this harassment case the Chief is slowly building like they did in the Zoo harassment case.”

Now, this could just be me and my crazy “liberal” reasoning, but I would think that a wise man would not choose to defend himself from accusations of harassment by comparing the new harassment charges to that of an older set of harassment charges that was placed on the Stet Docket. (We are not even going to get into that discussion again Joey, you are in essence guilty but were put into a sort of PBJ program for first time offenders.)

Now, I am no fan of Police and in particular the Chief of Police of Salisbury, but that does not mean that I would ever intentionally provoke a man wearing a badge. Like tugging on Superman’s cape and spitting in the wind, threatening the Chief of Police (especially when you are all talk) is not a smart thing to do. What is next, threatening the President?

You are in essence forcing to the forefront of everyone’s mind the fact that harassment and intimidation is a recurring M.O. of behavior for yourself. And if these newer charges are just “like” the older charges, then you have just admitted to everyone that you are guilty right out of the gate. You may have some weak reasoning as to why it is ok to libel and threaten a Chief of Police (and a Mayor, a Zoo Director, a City Council President and Vice-President, a geriatric blogger, your former attorney, etc.) like you did with the zoo incident, but in society it is not acceptable to behave in such a menacing and libelous manner without repercussions regardless of any real or imagined slight or provocation.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Joey Must Have Missed This Lesson in Journalism School

Little Joey continues to stomp his feet up and down in defiant frustration at the Daily Times, completely mystified as to why they will not take up his cause in slandering everyone who dares to stand in the way of his vindictive pursuits. The most common rant that we have been exposed to, both on his website and through repetitive postings on the newspaper’s message boards, has been the publishing of embarrassing personal information about City Council Vice-President Comegys. Joey recently asked incredulously into why the Daily Times would print a story about a Delaware (Joey’s state! Another example he is aware of it’s existence) representative’s son who recently caused a commotion at a local bar. In Little Joey’s mind it is pretty clear that the mention of relationship between the bar patron and the representative should be the same as mentioning legal troubles from years ago for a sitting representative.

Now, I am not an expert on journalism, but it appears pretty obvious to me that Mr. Racial Sensitivity- Little Joey is trying to fit a round hole into a square peg on this one. The most obvious difference to me is that this is a current event that they have deemed worthy of reporting on. This is not something from years ago that would merely embarrass the candidate, but in actual event that will be unfolding throughout the coming weeks. There is also the problem of clarity in that the last name is the same and the location sounds about right for some people to mistakenly believe that it is the representative that caused the hoopla at the bar.

News organizations that print information from the past for sensationalism and controversy are merely tabloids. While the Daily Times clearly lacks intellectual credibility due to the numerous spell check failures, it is not time to throw in the towel on their decency just yet. Joey’s decency on the other hand…

Joey, you want to be considered MSM but cannot even realize the different between news and libelous attacks to further an agenda.

On a related note: Quit referring to yourself as MSM, as it is infuriatingly ignorant. Not that you want to be taken seriously, but for the fact that blogs, even legitimate ones, are not considered mainstream media. Mainstream media utilizes fact-checking and decency, as well as a balanced outlook, none of which your site contains. You sound like a complete ass in your fight to be considered mainstream. The term you are grasping for is- Legitimate News Source. You, like the child in a diaper who throws a temper tantrum in his desire to be considered a “big boy”, have yet to realize that no matter how hard you demand to be considered as such, will not be allowed to designate yourself whatever you desire. Now, you can walk around and tell everybody that you are a “big boy” with your own legitimate blog site, and some people may condescendingly pat you on the head and agree, but that does not make you a “big boy”. You are still a little boy who cannot control his own urges and does not take responsibility for his own actions. Now go get your diaper changed and I will take you to the zoo if you are a good boy. On second thought….

Friday, April 20, 2007

In a Related Story, Some of Joey's Best Friends Are Black...

Employing the "My brother married a minority, therefore I am not a racist defense", Joey went so far as to break out a family picture (now with extra soft light!) to show what a great guy that he is. Of course, in typical Joey fashion, this had nothing to do with the point at hand in that he tried to compare his being called a racial tinged insult to that of a black person being called the same.

It has nothing to do with the race baiting in his post.

And it especially has nothing to do with his faulty reasoning in accusing the former Mayor of Delmar of being a racist for a post that an annoymous person has made.

I am just surprised that Little Joey did not find a way to pin this on Mayor Tilghman as well, but rest assured, I am sure he is on the case. See if you can tie the whole Imus controversy into being her fault as well. Crack that case Joey!

(Did anyone else notice the weird tone that Joey took in describing his sister in law? Going out of his way to explain how highly he thinks of her, because in Joey's mind it is not normal to assume that a black person could be a good wife and mother, so it needs to be explained and literarly stated for the record? I kept expecting the next sentence to have a gushing statement along the lines of complimenting her on her "good hair".)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Open Letter Response to Mr. Racial Sensitivity- Little Joey in Response to His Comments,

First of all I would like to compliment you on the recent growing of balls that you have experienced. Welcome to Manhood. Thank you for finally responding to this blog unencumbered by the restraints of your many pseudonyms. However, it is unfortunate that you have chosen this blessed opportunity to come out of the closet to prove an IDIOT of yourself once again. Please allow me to correct you once again on the many points that you did not comprehend in my post. For your convenience and comprehension, I will use bullets to address each of yours.

* First off, please forgive me for the 5 whole paragraphs. I know that is a lot for you to read and comprehend all at once. If you managed to do it all in one sitting, I applaud your due diligence. I will try to write in shorter sentences for you next time.

* As I assumed was clearly stated in the post, it is my opinion that the post was hidden amongst an old post on a little read blog. I made no defense of the comment on your family. For someone who constantly attacks others, I find it hypocritical that you take offense to a similar personal attack.

* With regards to my identity, I will address that at the end.

* You are man enough to stand up for your family? You are puffing out your chest about a throw away, lame comment that nobody would have noticed if you were not to have thrown a hissy fit about it. Your behavior on your blog and throughout the Eastern Shore does worse for the reputation of your family than a lame joke ever would. And you are mistaken and I suggest that you re-read my blog- my blog has nothing to do with your family, only you. Maybe I need to do a better and more thorough job in presenting my opinion if you do not understand the basic thought behind my blog- that you are a complete and dangerous man who needs to be stopped. You have driven a wedge into a community that is not your own and you are on the verge of driving a wedge into said previous wedge, a task that is not in and of itself easily accomplished. You try to pass yourself off as a good guy, but you are a horrible man that is driven by a selfish spitefulness.

* For the record that only comment I have made about your family has been that they should be off limits. It is not your wife’s fault that she married an idiot.

* In regards to identity, I should state that GP has made it clear who he is, and you are aware of that, so it is once again intellectually dishonest of you to try to throw that in there. Part of the reason these blogs are so vital is that you are so full of shit and do not censor what you put out there as I am sure you are a guy that does not get called on his bullshit often, therefore you eventually begin to believe the lies that you spew. If you read around the blogs, and I know that you do obsessively, you will be exposed to many facts about myself that I have exposed. My identity is of no consequence and 99% of the people reading these blogs would have no idea about who I am. My anonymity allows me to criticize you in search of the truth without fear that you will libel me as you have so many other bloggers. Without easily being able to libel me into submission by stooping into the gutter, you are forced to instead deal with what I say and my opinions. But, obviously you are not intelligent enough to maturely debate your opinions using fact and logic, as you have ignored my requests to debate your bombastic hyperbole. Your response is a perfect example of your bullshit in that you did not even address any of the points in my original post whatsoever, but instead chose to attack me about something that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

Somebody made a slightly crude comment about your family that is indistinguishable from all the other comments that you have brought on yourself through your disgusting antics and sounds like something that you would say about one of the many people you have a vendetta against. That has nothing to do with the fact that you regularly libel, threaten, and smear people who disagree with you. It has nothing to do with the fact that you tried to tie this comment into some racial slur against your oppressed white family. It has nothing to do with your lame race-baiting attempt to draw similarities between yourself and African-Americans.

As a black man, I would hope that you have big enough balls to answer.

Little Joey Gets His Feelings Hurt

For a man who has risen to prominence through old fashioned hustle and slander, both through pseudonyms and in the encouragement of libelous comments, Little Joey sure has selectively thin skin. In a stunning turn of events, the straw the broke the camels back for Joey was an old ex-Mayor of Delmar who runs a quaint but seldom commented on blog about Delmar. There are two shocking inferences that can be drawn from this lashing out:

*Joey is actually aware of an existing blogging community in his own hometown and cares enough to read sites that have nothing to do with bashing the Mayor (of Salisbury).

*Of all the horrible things that have been said about Little Joey (most of the true), it is surprising that a simple unfunny and nonsensical comment identifying his family as “nappy headed hos” has set him off so much. After everything, this is what makes him put his foot down?

The real reason that I believe this comment set off Little Joey was that this caps off an impressive streak of verbally attacking and threatening 3 senior citizens within a span of 48 hours. It sure is easy to be a big tough bully when your targets are eligible for social security. Is he going to go around stealing walkers next? Guard the local old folks homes before Little Joey decides to go on another rampage.

The funniest part of that diatribe had to do with the racial indignation that Joey threw in there. How dare this ex-Mayor insult the Albero’s by comparing them to black people on s little-read blog.

Since when did Little Joey become Mr. Racial Sensitivity? The man is an avowed sexist and homophobic, but is suddenly offended personally by a racial comment directed towards him? I do not have the information in front of me, but I know that Little Joey has made racists comments before, with a racially insensitive post about Hispanics literally right underneath his holier than thou attack against the Delmar Dustpan. I also know that while he has not said anything blatantly racist about Councilwoman Shields, his posts appear to me to be teetering on the line and threaten to turn racist at any moment.

As far as I can tell, I am the closest thing to a black representative on these blogs, so on behalf of the black community I would like to ask Mr. Racial Sensitivity-Little Joey (as he shall be known until I get tired of typing that much) to refrain from proposing that his being referred to as a “nappy headed ho” holds the same offensiveness as it does towards the African-American community. I would also ask that he quit being so literarily lazy and intellectually dishonest in trying to garner sympathy through race baiting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Joeyification of the City Council Election: How to Run a Dirty Campaign While Claiming the Moral High-Ground

I am posting this to encourage honest debate.

By the time this gets posted and read by those who actually enjoy these posts and my dead-on opinions, the election will most likely have passed, so I feel as though I can post some feelings on the election without being accused of being a surrogate of the Mayor. If I were to be carrying water for the Mayor and Council in hopes of effecting the election I would have posted this much sooner. Hopefully that is the end of that nonsense.

I want to start this post with a little bit of scolding to all the bloggers out there that have posted on the upcoming election and the candidates. I would say that with the exception of one blogger, all the other blogs have posted in my opinion completely irresponsible and immature in their coverage. ( I guess I should give props to Monoblogue for keeping it respectful and on the issues as best as possible. He actually had the balls to go up against Joey. The fact that people kept wanting to talk about Bubba’s personal life and cared less about the facts is proof of how low the campaign dropped. However, he is still a Republican nut job and not to be trusted, as that remains unchanged.)

I am continuously impressed about the blogging community on the Eastern Shore and how active it is. Unusually incorrect seeing as how it is mainly conservative, but impressively active. While many of the mess on the blogs can be attributed to the commentators (many undoubtedly one of Joey’s pseudonyms), I have been disappointed to see the maturity level drop when city politics has come up.

To me it is the sports radio/cable television talking heads mindset that pervades our society. Everybody picks a side (oftentimes around here it is one political party), digs in and will do anything to “win” in the end. Hypocrisy is pervasive. Nobody will acknowledge when somebody else makes a valid point and will not acknowledge that there may be two correct opinions. It is a pervasive attitude of “My way or the highway”. This is an example of Joey’s attitude further infecting Salisbury and nobody moving to stop it.

What is even worse is the lowbrow discussion. I am sorry, but I do not believe that personal lives should be discussed so much on these blogs. The worst offender is of course is Little Joey, but Delmarva Dealings and Duvafiles have really been slumming in the gutter the past couple of days, followed by horribly offensive personal remarks by the commentators.

(Interesting side note: The Professor appears to have ceased posting on Duvafiles, most likely because dissention was allowed and she was corrected on her absurd behavior. Duvafiles and Gunpowder may have disappointed me by their lack of maturity, but they are at least allowing for rebuttal. “Joey’s Side” obviously cannot intelligently stand up for themselves and just want to surround themselves with backslapping sycophants.)

I just want to go through a couple of thoughts for the record that I would like to get out there, and I invite any “anti- Mayor” commenter out there to debate me.

*For the record, I believe that Spies, Cohen and Smith did not run a clean campaign as suggested. When you have a vital and active member of your campaign on a constant promote and smear mission for the past month, you need to be held responsible. This wasn’t a rogue supporter sending out a flier, this was someone who went out everyday hoping to affect the election. I challenge anyone to defend any of his actions or posts as “clean campaigning”.

*I believe that as they have not spoken out against Joey’s behavior and instead have invited him into their camps, they are complicit in his behavior and it should be reflected on their character. Someone stated that they were using him at an arm’s length and will drop him after the election. I disagree because that is what they said about Sheriff Lewis, and he still appears to be buddy buddy with Joey. I challenge someone to produce a convincing argument in why their characters should not be questioned due to their association with Little Joey?

*In regards to comments that Comegy’s ran a dirty campaign, I would counter to the contrary. There was no blogging from his supporters that I saw, much less negative personal attacks which were prevalent from the Spies, Cohen, Smith campaign. Show me even one instance of his campaign being dirty?

*On the issue of Bubba’s (I will call him Bubba from here on out because his name is annoying to type) wife and her actions. I did not understand the big deal about this. (This issue I refer to of course is her behavior, not Pengate, which I have already addressed as being wrong). Do you not realize that she is being tormented by Little Joey’s camera? How would you respond to his behavior (of which no Candidate has condemned)? How would you like to have a camera constantly trained on you, awaiting an off moment to be captured and placed on his widely read blog to be held up to redicule? Why did nobody mention this?

*There has also been much made of the SAPOA letter. I found it very deceitful that this was tied to Bubba. They are an organization that has their own agenda, they are not a mouthpiece of the Mayor. They are out for what is best for them. To me everything in the letter is correct, and I find it laughable that the candidates denounced it so vehemently as opposed to wearing it as a badge of honor. One of the only troubling things from the candidates (besides their allegiance to Little Joey) was this blatant lie to the citizens. They are from the Camden area and will more definitely be making moves to not only regulate the rental industry but to try to retract the rentals from their neighborhoods.

*The main issue of course that I had problems with were the constant dredging up of the public record of Bubba. Real quick”

-Child Support: Non-issue to me. We have all heard of those horrible divorces where the woman goes crazy after the ex. Michael Strahan from the Giants was just recently taken to court for child support issues. Of course he had just paid his wife about $6 million, as well as the mansion, but was technically owed another payment of about $7million within a couple months of the initial payment. Now technically in the eyes of the law, Strahan was not supporting his children, but was he really a neglectful father or a bad person? Now I doubt Bubba has to pay a $15 million dollar settlement, but that is just an example of how vengeful ex’s use the court system to punish innocent people. Why did no one bring this up, only piling on about him being a bad man? Where is the rational discussion?

-Bankruptcy: To me this is a stretch in its relevance. I can be persuaded either way on it. The fact that it happened in 1989 has me leaning towards no so relevant. It is town council, how deep do citizens have the right to dig? Do we need to start doing credit checks on candidates? Are we going to implement a minimum salary for candidates? I can be convinced either way on this issue, but what I cannot be convinced is that it needs to be constantly discussed. After awhile it meant to me that they couldn’t not find anything on Bubba, and they instead needed to go back almost 20 years to find something and take it out of context.

The main point is, why does nobody call anyone else on the bullshit that is being spewed? Why does everyone just want to just slap each other on the back and reinforce what they already think, without wanting to know the truth. Nobody wants to step outside of their sphere of influence and get to the truth. That leads me to believe that bad things lie ahead for the citizens of Salisbury as they just want to back “their guy”. There is talk of a new 4-1 majority on council, showing their desire to continue this us vs them nonsense. It doesn’t matter who is right, but as long as you don’t agree with the “bad’ guy.

Just look at what happened on that Robinson guys site. He stated that he had respect for both the Mayor and Councilwoman Campbell and commentator’s heads almost exploded. They couldn’t begin to fathom who someone could like BOTH women. He was also given a hard time when he tried to be fair and respectful to all the candidates. He has since turned in his balls and is now firmly in bed with Little Joey, someone who is notoriously close-minded. We need more people with balls to stand up for the truth and civil discourse and not fall into the picking of sides. Who has the balls?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Joey Again Libels the Mayor to the Benefit of the Opposition Slate. Slate Remains Silent on the Behavior of Little Joey.

This Deserves It Own Post. As my viewing of Joey’s site and the other blogs comes in waves due to extenuating factors, I took chance to peruse his site yesterday. In the morning he had a post about the Mayor holding a press conference to produce evidence that a certain candidate for City Council actually does not live within the City. Now hold on a second there. This is huge news if true. Why wasn’t this brought to my attention sooner? You would think that this candidate would be crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s, but if Joey is to be believed, the Mayor has potential information that would invalidate her run for office.

The mind was left to wander. Where were the facts? What proof would she have? Joey claims to be a member of the press, so it is safe to assume that he has some inside dirt on what is about to go down and he wouldn’t just post a rumor with such loaded insinuations. The allusion was that the Mayor was up to something and the posts provoked the anit-Mayor sycophants to quickly comment about how horrible the Mayor was and how this was just another of her corrupt and insidious tactics to maintain her stranglehold on Salisbury power.

That Joey is such a tease. All he lets us know is that there will be a press conference. The Mayor called the press conference. The Mayor was providing evidence to invalidate the candidacy of a popular opposition candidate. Subsequent comments that would obviously follow as a result of this post indicated that the Mayor was a horrible woman who has no qualms in bending the law or decency to procure her desired outcome.

On the edge of my seat, I checked backed to Joey’s site to see how that apparently vicious public servant was going about her nefarious ways to harm the innocent citizens of Salisbury.

I was a little confused about what I read next.

Apparently there was no press conference. It was a legal proceeding, which is even seedier. That evil Mayor is apparently willing to pervert the justice system to do her bidding. Has she no decency? But wait, charges were being brought by another man, not the Mayor. What about Joey’s bombshell? His bombshell is a curmudgeonly old man who is looking to cause trouble with no real substance to his claim? I thought the Mayor was this horrible person who was making shady deals to kick out political enemies?

Would Joey make a retraction?


Our quick-speaking, slow-witted reporter did what any self-respecting journalist would do! Grasp for straws and spin! Hoping that his readers would overlook pesky details like previous statements and facts, Joey went on as if this was what he had stated all along.

They Mayor was responsible of course for putting this man up to it. The proof? The man had an Ewalt sign in his yard. That must mean he does the Mayor’s bidding, putting himself out in public to be in idiot on a low-brow fishing exposition. I mean, when Joey puts himself out in public to be an idiot on a low-brow fishing exposition he is doing the bidding of Councilwoman Campbell and the opposition slate, right? The Mayor should know that she is responsible for the actions not only her supporters, but of the supporters of her allies. The Mayor must also be responsible, according to Joey, because only she would know that the candidate lives on the city border. Gotcha Mayor! Throw in some bravado and inflated self-importance, sexually crude comments about the Mayor’s body, and let the gossiping/hatemongering start.

(Say what you want about the Mayor and her personality or character, but I haven’t heard one iota [and rightfully so] of information about the personal lives, sexual preferences, or body features about any of the opposition candidates or Councilwoman Campbell. There have been no embarrassing photos or libelous/slanderous gossip that I have been privy to. So, who is running the dirty campaign?)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Changing of the Tides: Old Man Duvall v Little Joey Albero

The purpose of this site has always been to change the tone of the political discussion in Salisbury. I have been trying to keep a low-profile lately due to the upcoming election and not wanting to come off as a tool of a specific candidate (The whole cliché of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is very easy to fall into if you aren’t careful)and general busyness. I will knock out this post quickly to get the discussion started(so there may be typos Outraged “Miriam Webster” Richard, ).

To quickly recap and bring everyone up to speed on what has been happening, I will use the lazy literary tool of bullets:

*Joey get sued for being an ass but played it off like he is being kept down by the man.

*Duvall has been taking slight digs at Joey, as even though the man is old and possibly senile, he has enough sense and wherewithal to take a step back and see how dangerous and nuts that Joey is.

*Joey takes the low road and posts a link to the now defunct Duvalies (where did you go?),

*Duvafiles continues slight digs at Joey as the rational onslaught against Joey builds, with Gunpowder and Outraged Richard (two individuals decidedly not in the corner of the Mayor) becoming more vocal in their disapproval of Little Joey’s tone.

*In a rational moment of maturity and clarity, Little Joey lets the slights of Duvall pass, perhaps in deference to the man that started it all. He slightly takes a dig at Gunpowder’s site content, completely ignoring the fact that one of Gunpowder’s posts gets more comments then Joey gets all day. Little Joey still does not take me up on my offer to rationally debate the issues without personal attacks (pussy).

*Along the line, Duvall starts allowing me to comment (No Sympathy too!!) about the tone of those who are bashing the Mayor and those aligned with her. My argument has been all along that you can be against the Mayor, but it shouldn’t be so personal. Outraged Richard joins in the fracas and there is particular attention drawn to the Professor and her penchant to compare Local Politicians who questionably spend taxpayer money with some of the worst humans in recorded history.

*The Professor is most likely the “many, many people” who are emailing Joey constantly to tell him how horrible Duvall’s site has become. The only noticeable change in the site is that Joey is not allowed to post and others are allowed to question reasoning and facts. The site is evolving from a backslapping, anti-Mayor circle jerk into a forum for discussing the issues (Ironically what it was to begin with before Jannace and Joey came along. Now we have a situation where not only bloggers, but those who merely comment on the blogs feel as though they are local celebrities. Inflated ego followed).

*Joey posts about Duvall and it is filled with insults and backhanded compliments.

*Duvall censors a comment of mine that I will choose to summarize here: “Yes, those you are against haven’t always acted the most mature, but you choose to respond to my accusations of immaturity with the defense ‘They started it, so I am going to do it to’”.

*Duvall then brings back the post about Comegys’s charges and continues the mudslinging. There are no real mentions of the issues, and I would argue that the Editorial in the paper about the blogs was accurate as this has become a personality driven campaign. (Great comment in there by the way about how there is just a segment of the community that refuses to not only get along, but to play nice in disagreeing. How many years does this go back?)

*Joey continues his slanderous ways, posting absurd post after absurd post, with no refute from anyone. He does manage to throw some facts in there.

*Somewhere along the way Joey makes a claim about how the other blogs don’t bother him, yet neglects to mention that he trolls these sites constantly and never passes on an opportunity to prove them wrong. (Except for my site, which never gets mentioned as I guess intelligent discussion of the issues do not interest the persistent naysayers. It is easy to dismiss your detractors as crude and point to one site, but it is difficult when they actually expect you to provide valid reasoning for their opinions.)

*Joey has hit an impressive stretch of attacks along with a complete lack of self-awareness to the hypocrisy that is coming out of his mouth. I will address his impressive stretch in a later post.

I think we can declare a winner. Duvall has been relegated to backup status and has taken to following orders from Joey. He used to be the leader of the blog movement (quite amazing for a big city, much less a small community like Salisbury), but is now relegated to second class status. Please, correct me if you think I am wrong, but do these people not go to Joey’s site first? Do they not talk and bully like Joey? Do they not attack constantly like Joey? Joey is winning this fight against civility, and Duvall is to blame.

Everybody take a step back and realize this is bigger then a City Council election for small-town Salisbury. We have a man who started with a vendetta against a Mayor and Zoo Administrator. He slowly obtained some followers who were already against the Mayor and were looking for another excuse to bash her. We have gone from that frisky man with a Camera on Jannace’s site to a man with his own site, with followers who could care less about the Mayor and a list of enemies growing longer by the week. It has grown to include the Chief, Comegys, that Assistant Prosecutor, Doug Church, Shannie Shields, Duvall, Slak, etc (Please let me know if I am missing anyone). This isn’t just a list of people that Joey dislikes; but are people that Little Joey literally is out to get on any given day. It is an ever growing list that grows as Joey’s ego grows. What have these people done to Joey? Nothing really. Except the disagreed with Joey or dared question his “authority”. Don’t you people see what is wrong with that? His disease is spreading and it is contagious and it will bring the whole city down. Make sure that everyone reads this post as we need to double our efforts to stop this nonsense before it spirals down further. We need a rational dialog on the issues, not just personal attacks against those whom we disagree with. Disagree without being disagreeable.

UPDATE: Duvall allowed a comment I had posted earlier to stand that blantly critiqued those who talked about the candidates personal lives, and it obviously applied to him. He deserves credit for that. Pay attention Joey, you will be tested on this later.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Breaking Down Joey's Lunacy

Another edition. Strap yourslef in. Lets go. Joey says...

It seems to me just more than a year ago Barrie Tilghman pulled a Press Conference and invited the entire Public to go visit each and every one of them. Now all of a sudden she thinks that IF you are not 100% behind her she wants to sue you with tax payers money to attempt to take away your freedom of speech.

This has nothing to do with 100% support as Joey is the only blogger that seems to keep getting sued.

Allow me to remind you and your attorneys of the most important message offered each and every day on my Blog Site Barrie Tilghman, “Salisbury News provides access to resources and other information on this Web site as a public service. Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that all electronic information made available is current, complete and accurate, Salisbury News does not warrant or represent that this information is current, complete and accurate. All information is subject to change on a regular basis, without notice.”

What the hell does that mean? Because you put that up you can libel at will? What is your legal rationale? Screw it, what is your reality-based rationale?

What Barrie is trying to do as well as Al Webster is spend YOUR money to go after someone like me in an attempt to shut us up.

I would think that they would be paying their own money to protect their reputation, no? If not, I do not blame them- its a public office, not an invite for public abuse. And they arent trying to shut "you all" up, just for you to stop libeling Joey. They do not want money, they want the libel to stop.

I find it VERY interesting that Duvafiles and Delmarva Dealings haven’t received any such letters.

Because they show that you can be sharp critics without being crudely personal or libeless. Get a clue. He is completely missing any shred of self-awareness or class. Does he really not see the difference?

I will remind everyone the FACT that she sicked the FBI on Bill Duvall, (unless he made that up) in an attempt to shut his Blog down a year or so ago as well.

I believe he was visited because he kept coming across embarrassing documents on the administration to the point that he was so far in her head, that when he stated he tapped into her computer she believed him. Completely different from the circumstances you have brought upon yourself.

They’ll go to any extreme to force the Public into believing everything that comes out of her mouth is in fact the truth and this just isn’t so. Heck, our own Lawyers caught Barrie in numerous lies just in depositions alone. Could it be called stretching the truth, instead? Nevertheless, I have freedom of speech backing me up and like it or not Barrie Tilghman needs to sue everyone, not just me.

This is the most shocking part of his posts (and Joey I know you are reading this- please play attention) is his complete lack of understanding of the First Amendment and the fact that it is not an all-encompassing bubble for him to hide under while he carries out his personal vendetta. If some of the Salisbury attorney's are reading this, please take pity on this poor man, break the blackballing for an afternoon and sit this poor shell of a man down and explain the ins and outs of Freedom of Speech.

In the end she will lose because she’s an egomaniac and in her mind she cannot be beat.

"Pot calling the kettle black" just does not do this quote justice. We need to start a new phrase to adequately capture the delusion- "Albero calling the IDIOT! Albero"?!? (50 Idiot! Points to the best saying.)

I will say this however, I like this attorney that’s representing her. His letter was extremely professional and not an attack. I did call him yesterday afternoon but he has yet to return my call. Perhaps he realizes I don’t get scared very easily?

This isnt a game Joey. They arent playing the vendetta game with you. These are real people's lives here. This is a real threat to you. Everyone knows that you have made libelous statements and cross the line on a regular basis. You will be given no benefit of doubt.

Remember Folks, this is your leader playing these games. You step on her toes and she’ll go to any extreme to discredit you. Hey Barrie, I don’t need credit! LOL

Yeah, you need help.

It is quite funny to see his rap sheet explicitly spelled out like that. Legal problems, anger management issues, inappropriateness, etc spelled out like that is hilarious. A vicious pimp slap to remind Joey of his standing in the community. The list could easy pass for a younger George W. with all that indiscretion. (Or a Kennedy, Gunpowder. Gotta be fair right?).

(hey, is that a fire in a theater???)
Joey wants to become the Donald Trump of the Eastern Shore

I step away for a little bit and Joey's ego is obviously hurt as he has to act out more and more. The desperation is sickening. I have been busy, but there are a couple of things that I need to post on, so I will knock out a couple things and then open it up to have the primary discussion in the comments section. Look for updates on the original posts as well.

It appears as though Joey is throwing a temper tantrum because he is not getting his way. Now he raises some good points - probably completely inaccurate as I am sure that a non-profit group cannot just pocket money to the benefit of its members- about the group wanting the old theater. He feels as though he should be given the chance to purchase this property "for the betterment of the city" and he will bring in "50 jobs" as well as a windfall of money.

I would like to start the movement now to keep Joey away from this property. I do not care if the city has to PAY this group to take on responsibility for the theater, the City cannot let Joey expand his stake in the Downtown area. He already thinks that the whole town owes him and should cater to him, with just one building in his stable. Imagine how megalomanical (that a word?) he will be when owns a Performing Arts Center.

Lets make sure the fundraising drive is a success. Where can I sign up?

And to all the armchair lawyers: How can they go about preventing Joey from buying this building?
a. by giving it away, and
b. if they have to take the highest bidder, which will likely result in Joey overbidding in a psychotic rage?

On a side note, I predict the first major fight between Joey and the new council will involve: Joey wanting to buy more property for the cheap on the Plaza and the council hopefully saying no. He then will go into a fit of rage at them for not respecting the fact that he put them in power. He will then begin his campaign against the evil FOD (Friends of Deborah).

I am going to go now so that I can check my email to make sure I am not being sued.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Who Says You Cant Fight City Hall, and the Zoo, and The WWTP, and the Law, and the City Council, and The Salisbury Bar, and Ex-Wives/Husbands, and....

Just when you think your out, he sucks you back in! Joey, in heeding our criticism at the lack of originality in his posts, has responded with an ill-advised pissing match against Chief Webster. Now, it looks like Gunpowder is going to break Joey's two statements about the dueling lawsuits down, and I am still trying to calm down from laughing so hard so head over there and check it out as I am sure he will do a thorough reality smack down on Little Joey.

Getting into all the instances where Joey is way off base or incorrect, I would like to just focus on the main point right now that Joey is missing in all of this: He is a danger to society.

Joey states: "I have “ALL” the information you didn’t want me to get anyway and it’s on line first. "

He truly thinks that the reason he was not invited into the press conference is that the Chief does not want to aid Joey's site. This man is off of his rocker. The Chief realizes how crazy Joey is and does not want to encourage Joey any further by indulging Joey make-believe-big-boy-journalist fantasies.

Joey, I am mad at you for all you have done, but most pressing now is that you have made me go and agree with the Chief. Only Joey could make the Chief into a sympathetic figure. You are harassing the Chief, libeling him and his work on a personal and professional level, and encouraging others to join in (Such as Kate insinuating that the Chief was gay. Real mature there professor). That, along with other insinuations along the way about the Chief at Seacrets, and there is no way that you can state that the Chief's reputation has not been affected. Isn't that the very definition of libel?

This isn't about being jealous of Joey, or about blaming Joey for "the crime on the Plaza" as Joey has stated, but about finally providing some restraints on his erratic behavior and keeping him in check. Peter Pan is finally being told no.

Time to grow up or self-destruct, Joey. Your choice.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Is it just me or is this whole Joey thing getting tiring and repetitive? I think that No Sympathy and myself alone accounted for about a third of Joey's "5000 hits a day" for awhile there in our mission to unmask the hypocrisy that is Joey. For Joey's defense he has come across many things that could be fixed in the city, but we all know that he has always taken the wrong approach and has been nothing but a detriment to Salisbury.

I don't care if you are against everything the current administration has done, if you are not devoid of independent thought you could see that the tone he has taken has done nothing to further mature debate about direction of the burgeoning town. Hopefully we have opened a couple eyes to the hypocrisy, not just provided comedic material for all the zoo folks out there.

I do not know how it can be so different, but looking at his site now, it just seems so retread. I believe it was in this forum that someone listed the 3 categories that a "Standard Albero Post" includes, but from then on out, I have seen that in all of his posts. He is constantly repeating himself and you can tell from the occasional lash out that he is remiss of the old attention he used to get. It is actually becoming predictable. Hopefully reading his blog hasn't poisoned my brain.

The whole point of this blog is to remind Joey that you cant keep predicting that the world is going to come to an end. Where are you taking your blog? Who are you going to conspire against? I am torn: Half of me is upset that we will have a completely different council next year due to the rantings and libel of one individual and half of me is excited to watch Joey turn on these council members that are coming in.

But it is getting tiresome. There is nothing on there, and even the immature personal attacks are no longer interesting. It is also getting to be less entertaining. Time to step up the crazy Joey.

Get out and vote tomorrow. As we do everything better than Joey, this blog will remain neutral with regards to which candidates to vote for but I would suggest that everyone votes for whom they want but also to vote for one candidate to piss Joey off. I suggest either Bubba or Harris.

PS: Joey, just because you own one property in the city does not mean that the city government has to work for you. Salisbury is not your fiefdom.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NEW CONTEST: The Albero Factor- Spin Zone

The Albero Factor- Spin Zone: "Where We Spin the Truth Until We Can Claim Victory and Then Blame the Mayor"

Now it appears as if Joey has completely switched the slate of candidates that he is backing (I know, I know, he is not a resident) for the upcoming City Council Primary. He has completely dropped support for Harris, of course with no mention that he had originally supported, and up until recently, backed a FOB. He has instead given a special pat on the back to Bayne (congratulations Mr. Harris, you are off the Joey Hook!). In summations- Joey has backed a candidate that nobody likes and was the last one of the bandwagon for Spies/ Cohen/ Smith. Way to show that political wherewithal Joey.

I would like to start a contest that will run from now until a couple of days after the results are tabulated. I would like predictions on the following:

*What political announcements will Joey make before the election (vote totals, supporting, etc.)
*What will the actual outcome of the election be
*How will Joey spin the election results to show that he was indeed right, vindicated, insightful and a true political wonk

***Bonus points if you can correctly predict how he will tie this all in to blaming the Mayor and Rapp.

I believe Joey will lash out at all the FOBs and fluff his feathers about a new day a-risin. He will push the same slate as Duvalfiles with an extra push in there for Bayne. I predict one more last minute big lash out at somebody that isn't the Mayor or Bubba, as the tension of an upcoming election will be too much for him. Come primary time, Bubba and Ewalt will get the majority of the votes with the Spies/Cohen/Smith factions sharing the votes of the dissenters. Bayne will win the Joey/Hadley Award for "most voal support on a blog that translate to a barely statistically relevant finish", further cementing Joey's lack of political pull outside the loonie bin. Wrong in everything that he predicted, he will forget the new day a-risin and completely ignore that he was off the mark again and declare that he is responsible for the electoral defeat of Mike Dunn. He will subsequently insist that the mandate given to him by the adoring public directs him to continue his crusade against Rapp, the Mayor, and his quickly eroding sense of shame.

(If you managed to read through the previous paragraph without realizing that I have no clue how many candidates go through to the general election for the three council spots, then I am an amazing writer that deserves heaps of praise. What is the number of candidates running in the general?)

The commenter who manages to tap into the scariness that is Joey's brain and come out with the most accurate prediction will win 75 Idiot! Points before the awarding of bonus points. May the best IDIOT win.