Friday, July 6, 2007

This Kind Of Stuff Just Writes Itself

Joey has taken to using the following phrases in the past couple of days:

“Back in the day”

“Keeping it real”


I feel it is vital that I share this information with the good people of the Eastern Shore.

I think that Little Joey has noticed my lack of posting this summer and thinks that he can swoop in and steal my position as the Eastern Shore Blog Representative for Minorities and their Advancement. I will not stand for his blatant grab for power and his last hope for credibility by Little Joey.

Is Joey auditioning for a gig at the Source now?

On behalf of all minorities, I ask that Lil’ Bow Wow Albero quit frontin’ on a brotha and his peeps and to learn his role. He better check himself before he wrecks himself. Dont hate the player, hate the game.

Quick, somebody overflow a dumpster to distract him.

*In a follow up to a story previously brought to you by the Daily Idiot Times, the people have still not been made aware of the civilian attire of Sheriff Lewis, and most importantly if he is a boxer or bikini brief man. It has been DAYS and Salisbury News has yet to report on this. Little Joey’s Press Pass isn’t worth the crayons it is drawn with for letting this huge story slide.


¿Yh8? said...

The dumpsta,
the dumpsta,
the dumpsta's on fire,
we don't need no water let the mutha fronta burn, burn mutha fronta,

(to all yeh non homie types, that there is a historic song reference)

Can I get a woot woot?

Caughtit said...

BAHAHAHAHAH Lil bow-wow Albero!!! that is hysterical!!!
Did anyone else notice that LBwA took down the post that stated he and Jennifer had been making "secrete trips"? I guess NSA didn't want him divulging the "plan". He's SUCH a Maroon.

TomCat said... New Blog Site up, check it out.

Woot Woot!

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Jennifer probably didn't want the world to know when they were traveling! Someone might break into the house and steal her shower head collection. said...


The phrase you used, "that there", is a country-ish way of referring to something. Speaking on behalf of us here Eastern Sho' Folk, I do not appreciate you bundling our grammatical oddities together with the eloquent but offensive language of Ebonics.

The two are separate. That is, them there "homie types" and us here country folk have little to do with one another. In fact, a pleasant stroll through the many neighborhoods, or 'hoods as the homies call them, reveals the wonderfully segregated areas of our fair city.

Thank you.

TomCat said...

Where are ya?

Homeboy's Lil' Helper said...


Christopher said...
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