Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Joey graces our presence and makes a rare blog appearance…….to attack!

Time for a little old school Joey bashing. Remember when the blogs used to pull Little Joeys outrageous and libelous statements before he could pull them after coming to his senses? Remember how he would throw a temper tantrum about us stealing his copywritered words for the purpose of holding him accountable? Remember how he would fume and try to hijack the thread using made-up pseudonyms that were obviously him because he was too little of a man to stand by what he had written?

I half expect Little Joey’s head to explode after this post because all of his pseudonyms have been exposed and I do not allow anonymous comments.

And Jesuschrist, will someone explain to me why he continually puts quotes around the letter ‘I’?!!?

Lets put our Dr. Phil hats on and analyze this pathetic little man…

joealbero said...
Dear Ret. Captain Joe:

I have most of the facts, I simply chose not to disclose them. (Really, because most news sources choose to publish the facts and withhold the rumor and innuendo. I applaud your revolutionary decision to go against the grain. You have found your niche) I am NOT one of the Brothers and "I" have no right exposing some of the personal details. (But everyone else’s irrelevant personal details you are bound by duty to expose? Does your right to expose certain details begin when you decide that it will help you in your vendetta? And the fact that you aren’t a brother precludes you from releasing pertinent details, however it doesn’t stop you from speaking on behalf of them at public meetings?) That's how "I" felt anyway.

Let it be known I know very well who you are as well, so you better be damn careful what you say. One step over the line with me Pal and you'll be visiting a lawyers office very quickly. (There are sooooo many things wrong with that statement. Basically he is stating, ‘You’re a meanie poo, I’m gonna tell my mommy on you.’ What is wrong with our society that disagreements have to be taken to the extreme? From the ghettos to the boardrooms, men let their egos get in the way of societal progress by jumping to use their guns or their lawyers at the drop of the hat because they are not man enough to address the problem they have helped create.)

The mere fact that you'll attack the very Post I put up should tell your fellow co workers the kind of a$$hole you've become over time. (How dare you question the leader of the firefighters! King Joey is never wrong! Ask Robinson.)

If you don't like my Blog, don't return. Again, let me explain myself VERY clear to you. Be VERY careful what you say because I will eat you alive in legal fees. (Not only is he being a pussy by threatening to sue over hurt pride, but he is threatening to sue in excess as to ensure financial ruin for an innocent man who would not get the opportunity to defend himself, because Joey is well aware that he has no case. Also, the irony that Little Joey has in fact been the one to rack up massive legal fees with no triumphant outcome to speak of should not be lost on you, dear reader.)

Don't be stupid and come back acting like a tough guy either because you have never met a man like me before and you'll regret it for as long as you life if you choose to screw with me. (Way too many easy jokes to be made there……discuss this amongst yourselves. But, I’m confused Little Joey, I have screwed with you. I have called you out on numerous instances and for your crimes against humanity, and you have yet to make me regret a thing. Is it because the only thing a man of your “ilk” is possible of is through litigious means? Geez, you have only acknowledged me once [actually as yourself and not hiding behind a pseudonym], and I wouldn’t even consider that to be a stern talking to, much less a lesson from a man such as yourself. You are such a little man that boasts and brags and defames, but is not man enough to stand behind his statements to intelligently defend himself, merely attacking and running away in retreat, back to those that are too shallow and weak to question your pathetic behavior and existence.)

Besides, I think your Post is tatseless and almost bragging rights. (Something that you could neeeevvvveeeer accuse a sbynews post of being.) Very sad.

I've got a keen eye on you. (Usually you prefer to direct your attention to the more effeminate –seriously, think back to Joey’s most famous attacks- men on the Eastern Shore, but it appears as though your interests are changing towards more manly men. Perhaps that would explain your recent infatuation with the fire department and its burly members.)


Caughtit said...

Ok, the quotes around I are meant as a reflection of superiority. Say to yourself "I" certainly WOULD NEVER DO THAT." Out loud and you'll figure out what I mean. It's JJ's holier-than-thou, you are nothing I am teaching the uneducated masses of the Eastern Shore Attitude.
As for twd, can't yall block him? send a email to the web director. You guys shouldn't have to put up with that crap. I go over there occasionally and read, but since I'm not a fireman, would never intrude where I don't belong. It's called MANNERS, JJ,get some.

TomCat said...

Welcome back. Great Post! Caughtit, I agree with you about TWD.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Another threatened lawsuit?

I have officially changed my nickname/moniker for Joe Albero to "Runaround Sue".

See my post here.

JAAB said...

I knew you were watching. I could feel the vibes. Great posting here and good to hear from you.

TomCat said...

I may have figured out Joe's alter ego on The Watch Desk. There is a blogger fightin 4th that butt kisses over at Joe's blog and TWD, he uses the terms you described in your post below, ie Back in the day. Back in the Day, Joe wasn't living around here. Maybe that is why we have so many fond memories of those times.

Caughtit said...

i'll have to go look

JAAB said...

which "Keen Eye" does Joeboy have on SoapBox? Vic Keen the City Police officer???
Bet Webster is pissed about one of his staff working for Joey!!!