Friday, April 20, 2007

In a Related Story, Some of Joey's Best Friends Are Black...

Employing the "My brother married a minority, therefore I am not a racist defense", Joey went so far as to break out a family picture (now with extra soft light!) to show what a great guy that he is. Of course, in typical Joey fashion, this had nothing to do with the point at hand in that he tried to compare his being called a racial tinged insult to that of a black person being called the same.

It has nothing to do with the race baiting in his post.

And it especially has nothing to do with his faulty reasoning in accusing the former Mayor of Delmar of being a racist for a post that an annoymous person has made.

I am just surprised that Little Joey did not find a way to pin this on Mayor Tilghman as well, but rest assured, I am sure he is on the case. See if you can tie the whole Imus controversy into being her fault as well. Crack that case Joey!

(Did anyone else notice the weird tone that Joey took in describing his sister in law? Going out of his way to explain how highly he thinks of her, because in Joey's mind it is not normal to assume that a black person could be a good wife and mother, so it needs to be explained and literarly stated for the record? I kept expecting the next sentence to have a gushing statement along the lines of complimenting her on her "good hair".)


I Told You So said...

Joey is a Racist.
family attachments mean nothing.

Townie said...

Joe should go here.


I Told You So said...

lol, oh my how far can it go!
Hoey needs to start a wbsite like that one except to show how much the little people of Delmaro and Joebury love him and the porn queen.

Historical Wit said...

Got any video of that porn? SOme pics...not that I'm interested, well actually I am. I want to see how degrading and fucked up that family is. I am sure the porn is not flattering. I knew this girl that actually worked for that wetlands site. Local porn. Who would have thunk it? Either way, having Joeys porn wifey all over the place would be a riot.