Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Open Letter Response to Mr. Racial Sensitivity- Little Joey in Response to His Comments,

First of all I would like to compliment you on the recent growing of balls that you have experienced. Welcome to Manhood. Thank you for finally responding to this blog unencumbered by the restraints of your many pseudonyms. However, it is unfortunate that you have chosen this blessed opportunity to come out of the closet to prove an IDIOT of yourself once again. Please allow me to correct you once again on the many points that you did not comprehend in my post. For your convenience and comprehension, I will use bullets to address each of yours.

* First off, please forgive me for the 5 whole paragraphs. I know that is a lot for you to read and comprehend all at once. If you managed to do it all in one sitting, I applaud your due diligence. I will try to write in shorter sentences for you next time.

* As I assumed was clearly stated in the post, it is my opinion that the post was hidden amongst an old post on a little read blog. I made no defense of the comment on your family. For someone who constantly attacks others, I find it hypocritical that you take offense to a similar personal attack.

* With regards to my identity, I will address that at the end.

* You are man enough to stand up for your family? You are puffing out your chest about a throw away, lame comment that nobody would have noticed if you were not to have thrown a hissy fit about it. Your behavior on your blog and throughout the Eastern Shore does worse for the reputation of your family than a lame joke ever would. And you are mistaken and I suggest that you re-read my blog- my blog has nothing to do with your family, only you. Maybe I need to do a better and more thorough job in presenting my opinion if you do not understand the basic thought behind my blog- that you are a complete and dangerous man who needs to be stopped. You have driven a wedge into a community that is not your own and you are on the verge of driving a wedge into said previous wedge, a task that is not in and of itself easily accomplished. You try to pass yourself off as a good guy, but you are a horrible man that is driven by a selfish spitefulness.

* For the record that only comment I have made about your family has been that they should be off limits. It is not your wife’s fault that she married an idiot.

* In regards to identity, I should state that GP has made it clear who he is, and you are aware of that, so it is once again intellectually dishonest of you to try to throw that in there. Part of the reason these blogs are so vital is that you are so full of shit and do not censor what you put out there as I am sure you are a guy that does not get called on his bullshit often, therefore you eventually begin to believe the lies that you spew. If you read around the blogs, and I know that you do obsessively, you will be exposed to many facts about myself that I have exposed. My identity is of no consequence and 99% of the people reading these blogs would have no idea about who I am. My anonymity allows me to criticize you in search of the truth without fear that you will libel me as you have so many other bloggers. Without easily being able to libel me into submission by stooping into the gutter, you are forced to instead deal with what I say and my opinions. But, obviously you are not intelligent enough to maturely debate your opinions using fact and logic, as you have ignored my requests to debate your bombastic hyperbole. Your response is a perfect example of your bullshit in that you did not even address any of the points in my original post whatsoever, but instead chose to attack me about something that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

Somebody made a slightly crude comment about your family that is indistinguishable from all the other comments that you have brought on yourself through your disgusting antics and sounds like something that you would say about one of the many people you have a vendetta against. That has nothing to do with the fact that you regularly libel, threaten, and smear people who disagree with you. It has nothing to do with the fact that you tried to tie this comment into some racial slur against your oppressed white family. It has nothing to do with your lame race-baiting attempt to draw similarities between yourself and African-Americans.

As a black man, I would hope that you have big enough balls to answer.


joealbero said...

"As a black man, I would hope that you have big enough balls to answer."

Gee Charles Jannace, I would have never known!

I'll close with, what kind of man creates a Blog Site solely to bash one human being? Someone pretty obsessed and sick in the head, that's who.

Remember, if I can dish it out, I can take it. Just keep my wife and family out of it. Remember that Charlie Boy because I know where you work and live.

Idiot! said...

Read this very carefully assclown, as I understand that big words and reading comprehension is difficult for you:

I have a blog that I use to correct the bullshit spin you put out there and that I occasionally post on. I have a life outside of my blog (occasionally involving good times that would send Outraged Richard to church for a week straight just hearing about them). Meanwhile your entire life is devoted to trying to bring down the people from a completely different state that disrespected you. Your petty vendettas against Rapp and the Mayor, as well as the ever expanding cast of local players, has completely consumed your life. Your entire being is devoted to such a petty and childish pursuit. It is very clear to everyone that you are the loser. Besides being a loser, you are a complete joke. They are laughing at you, not with you. You have the unique distinction as the Town Idiot! for a town that you don’t even live in!

You have serious issues and you need professional help, and you know this. You know that they are all laughing at you and not with you, and when they are done using you, they will dump you just as they have in the past. Your growing trail of former friends and supporters are a testament to such.

Do not bring Jannace’s name into this anymore, as you know that I am not him. You also obviously can’t take it, as I know it is killing you that you cant figure out who I am. You cant threaten me and personally humiliate me like you are with the old man, and you just don’t know what to do (However, me not being a senior citizen would probably prevent you from taking any real action against me). You obviously lack the capacity to intelligently debate me as well, so why don’t you just tuck your tail beneath your legs and go run back to all your sycophant supporters before they start to think for themselves and realize the train wreck that your life has become.

Hadley said...

Good post Idiot!

Not to worry.

Joey has had the shit smacked out of him once, and he knows it. You know what? The louder they are, the faster they run.

He still resorts to the McCarthy tactics of alluding to some hidden evidence (usually pictures) of alleged impropriety, but never reveals this evidence.

Well Delmar Dego, people have called your bluff. You have no evidence, you have no credibility. When people like Idiot! and No Sympathy challenge your “facts” point by point and dismantle your arguments, you resort to idle and empty threats.

You are a loser.

He is, in fact, the laughing stock of the blogging community. His lack of education and native intelligence limits his ability to see the error of his ways or to write and argue intelligently.

He has copywritered the word "copywritered".

I Told You So said...

"Remember, if I can dish it out, I can take it. Just keep my wife and family out of it."
Good Lord you are such the lieing sack of shit! you drag everyone you don't agree with and their families through your mud without any thought to anyone elses feelings.
alls fair in love and hate, Pappa Spaghetti!

truthiness said...

Wanna be journalist Joe Albero said:

"Remember that Charlie Boy because I know where you work and live."

Sounds like a threat. Real journalistic of him.

Historical Wit said...

Yeah Joey's a real man. Or better yet a legend in his own mind. It doesn't take the slacker long to comment on these posts. Do that fucktard do anything besides ride around with his camera and pocket full of hate? What a fuckin waste of....well...just about everything.

I Told You So said...

guys like Jhoey shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!

truthiness said...
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