Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little Joey Gets His Feelings Hurt

For a man who has risen to prominence through old fashioned hustle and slander, both through pseudonyms and in the encouragement of libelous comments, Little Joey sure has selectively thin skin. In a stunning turn of events, the straw the broke the camels back for Joey was an old ex-Mayor of Delmar who runs a quaint but seldom commented on blog about Delmar. There are two shocking inferences that can be drawn from this lashing out:

*Joey is actually aware of an existing blogging community in his own hometown and cares enough to read sites that have nothing to do with bashing the Mayor (of Salisbury).

*Of all the horrible things that have been said about Little Joey (most of the true), it is surprising that a simple unfunny and nonsensical comment identifying his family as “nappy headed hos” has set him off so much. After everything, this is what makes him put his foot down?

The real reason that I believe this comment set off Little Joey was that this caps off an impressive streak of verbally attacking and threatening 3 senior citizens within a span of 48 hours. It sure is easy to be a big tough bully when your targets are eligible for social security. Is he going to go around stealing walkers next? Guard the local old folks homes before Little Joey decides to go on another rampage.

The funniest part of that diatribe had to do with the racial indignation that Joey threw in there. How dare this ex-Mayor insult the Albero’s by comparing them to black people on s little-read blog.

Since when did Little Joey become Mr. Racial Sensitivity? The man is an avowed sexist and homophobic, but is suddenly offended personally by a racial comment directed towards him? I do not have the information in front of me, but I know that Little Joey has made racists comments before, with a racially insensitive post about Hispanics literally right underneath his holier than thou attack against the Delmar Dustpan. I also know that while he has not said anything blatantly racist about Councilwoman Shields, his posts appear to me to be teetering on the line and threaten to turn racist at any moment.

As far as I can tell, I am the closest thing to a black representative on these blogs, so on behalf of the black community I would like to ask Mr. Racial Sensitivity-Little Joey (as he shall be known until I get tired of typing that much) to refrain from proposing that his being referred to as a “nappy headed ho” holds the same offensiveness as it does towards the African-American community. I would also ask that he quit being so literarily lazy and intellectually dishonest in trying to garner sympathy through race baiting.


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Amen, Idiot!

You and I -- oddly enough -- are in almost total agreement on this.

I say "almost total", because while I find the phrase "nhh" to be incredibly offensive, I can only imagine that a black American would find it even more so-- given the cultural use of the "nappy headed" part in American history. There is just a degree of sensitivity for which my appreciation will always be limited.

But, you do miss an important point: everything is always about Joey. *EVERYTHING*. He gets 8000 hits on his blog (don't even get me started on that)-- look how great HE is. Somebody replaces a light, it was HIS rabble-rousing. Louise Smith doesn't vote his way, she has personally attacked HIM. And so on..

And so it was here.

joealbero said...
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joealbero said...

Although my attention span would not allow me to read your entire rant here, I found it interesting how big a pussy you are not allowing anyone to know who speaks such tough language here.

The day someone calls your Wife and In Laws NHH is the day you'll understand why a former Mayor is out of line allowing such an attack.

Instead, like a pussy, you cover yourself behind a fictitious name/blog and talk like a big man. That goes for Gunpowder too.

I'm man enough to publicly stand up for my Wife, unlike you pussies and sadly, while you have a blog site completely dedicated to bashing me and my Family, it clearly shows you have no credibility.

It's not about being a tough guy. It's about being man enough to stand up for your Family. You can attack me all you like, leave my Wife and Family out of it. That's all and that's fair.

Be a man and own up to your words by letter everyone know who you are.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

You, Joe, you must be the only person who reads the blogs who doesn't know who I am.

I mean, my God man-- my picture is even there. You have even been within 24 inches of me once. It was such a nice warm day on the plaza that day.

Oh wait... what were you saying? That's right, it was all about you again.

Alfalfa said...

Idiot! & GP

You just do not get it. The man is uneducated and he lacks reading and comprehensive skills. He even admitted that he did not have the ability to read the entire post. Anything beyond simple monosyllabic words in short sentences, is just beyond his ability.

And yes it is his wife’s fault for wedding such a fool. She has traded her self esteem for access to his money. What DO you call someone who sells themselves? I admit that her hair is not nappy.

He is obsessed with himself.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

One other thing on my identity.

If one were adventurous enough, you could figure it out.

I will give you a hint, although you need to be a little technical to understand it: ICANN.

joealbero said...

Little Timmy Patterson.

Little Bruce Patterson, Daddy.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Nice detective work, there Sherlock.

I Told You So said...

Exactly what is it you are protecting your family from Joey.
I'll tell you what, something you started and continue to maintain.
Thats all and nothing else!
What a sorry person you are.