Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joey also misses the class on not sticking your foot in your mouth

Just wanted to do Little Joey a favor and point out the most glaring mistake in his recent diatribe against the Chief of Police.

As to not copyrighter infringe upon Joey, please allow me to paraphrase this latest beauty from Little Joey:

“The Man is trying to railroad me on this harassment case the Chief is slowly building like they did in the Zoo harassment case.”

Now, this could just be me and my crazy “liberal” reasoning, but I would think that a wise man would not choose to defend himself from accusations of harassment by comparing the new harassment charges to that of an older set of harassment charges that was placed on the Stet Docket. (We are not even going to get into that discussion again Joey, you are in essence guilty but were put into a sort of PBJ program for first time offenders.)

Now, I am no fan of Police and in particular the Chief of Police of Salisbury, but that does not mean that I would ever intentionally provoke a man wearing a badge. Like tugging on Superman’s cape and spitting in the wind, threatening the Chief of Police (especially when you are all talk) is not a smart thing to do. What is next, threatening the President?

You are in essence forcing to the forefront of everyone’s mind the fact that harassment and intimidation is a recurring M.O. of behavior for yourself. And if these newer charges are just “like” the older charges, then you have just admitted to everyone that you are guilty right out of the gate. You may have some weak reasoning as to why it is ok to libel and threaten a Chief of Police (and a Mayor, a Zoo Director, a City Council President and Vice-President, a geriatric blogger, your former attorney, etc.) like you did with the zoo incident, but in society it is not acceptable to behave in such a menacing and libelous manner without repercussions regardless of any real or imagined slight or provocation.


I Told You So said...

Very Good.
But I'll wager $20 against your $10 it falls on deaf ears!

Historical Wit said...

Gimme your $20. You know it didn't fall on deaf ears cause Joey's short attention span never allowed him to get to the end of the post. Pay up.

I Told You So said...

Ahhhhh no. not so fast my Witty friend.
We need to see if Jhoey stops sticking a fork in the Chief rear end. you gotta earn this cash!

Idiot! said...

It wont stop because his ego is greater than his common sense.

It is evidenced by the fact that every couple of days when attention dies down he needs to do something crazy to get people talking again.

When the Anti-Joey blogs slowed down for awhile there, Joey went crazy for about 5 days writing the most absurd and offensive things to get that attention again.

It creates a Catch-22 for us on these blogs: Ignore him and he gets worse, neccessitating a need to come back to provide a antidote to his lying and libeling bullshit.

Ive used this analogy before, but it is very fitting: Joey is like an old pornstar that needs to do keep doing more and more extreme things to stay in the game. As soon as the envelope is pushed as far as it will go, the pornstar becomes irrelevant and is quickly replaced and forgotten.

truthiness said...

A few observations about wannabe reporter Albero:

He get's almost nothing right.

His fact-checking skills are
atrocious, but accuracy is unimportant as long as he accuses the Daily Times or someone he has a vendetta against of some imagined transgression.

Everything he posts has something to do with him because he needs to inflate his own ego.

He likes to leave his sycophantic readers moaning with the exquisite pleasure that comes only from having one's biases expertly stroked.

In short, he's a loser.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Wow, truthiness sounds a lot like me.

But it isn't. But he does...