Monday, April 23, 2007

Joey Must Have Missed This Lesson in Journalism School

Little Joey continues to stomp his feet up and down in defiant frustration at the Daily Times, completely mystified as to why they will not take up his cause in slandering everyone who dares to stand in the way of his vindictive pursuits. The most common rant that we have been exposed to, both on his website and through repetitive postings on the newspaper’s message boards, has been the publishing of embarrassing personal information about City Council Vice-President Comegys. Joey recently asked incredulously into why the Daily Times would print a story about a Delaware (Joey’s state! Another example he is aware of it’s existence) representative’s son who recently caused a commotion at a local bar. In Little Joey’s mind it is pretty clear that the mention of relationship between the bar patron and the representative should be the same as mentioning legal troubles from years ago for a sitting representative.

Now, I am not an expert on journalism, but it appears pretty obvious to me that Mr. Racial Sensitivity- Little Joey is trying to fit a round hole into a square peg on this one. The most obvious difference to me is that this is a current event that they have deemed worthy of reporting on. This is not something from years ago that would merely embarrass the candidate, but in actual event that will be unfolding throughout the coming weeks. There is also the problem of clarity in that the last name is the same and the location sounds about right for some people to mistakenly believe that it is the representative that caused the hoopla at the bar.

News organizations that print information from the past for sensationalism and controversy are merely tabloids. While the Daily Times clearly lacks intellectual credibility due to the numerous spell check failures, it is not time to throw in the towel on their decency just yet. Joey’s decency on the other hand…

Joey, you want to be considered MSM but cannot even realize the different between news and libelous attacks to further an agenda.

On a related note: Quit referring to yourself as MSM, as it is infuriatingly ignorant. Not that you want to be taken seriously, but for the fact that blogs, even legitimate ones, are not considered mainstream media. Mainstream media utilizes fact-checking and decency, as well as a balanced outlook, none of which your site contains. You sound like a complete ass in your fight to be considered mainstream. The term you are grasping for is- Legitimate News Source. You, like the child in a diaper who throws a temper tantrum in his desire to be considered a “big boy”, have yet to realize that no matter how hard you demand to be considered as such, will not be allowed to designate yourself whatever you desire. Now, you can walk around and tell everybody that you are a “big boy” with your own legitimate blog site, and some people may condescendingly pat you on the head and agree, but that does not make you a “big boy”. You are still a little boy who cannot control his own urges and does not take responsibility for his own actions. Now go get your diaper changed and I will take you to the zoo if you are a good boy. On second thought….


birdie said...

very well said

truthiness said...

Joe Albero is a wanna be journalist and he's done a bad job at pretending to know the first thing about journalism.
He probably never attended college, and if he did I'd be surpised if he graduated. It's obvious he never took a journalism class as evidenced by how he writes and what he chooses to write about.
His blog is only good for its absurd entertainment value.

about time said...

Joey never got out of high school. He quit over some perceived injustice of not being given a free pass after failing one year.

truthiness said...

Albero has no right to compare his self serving blog to the Daily Times or any newspaper because as a blogger he can write whatever he wants, whether it's true or not. Newspapers can be sued, which keeps editors from printing they type of rumors and innuendo that is so prevalent on Albero's blog.
He's a high school dropout?
Not surprised at all.

truthiness said...

Today Albero calls the chief a "lying sack of sh*t."
Perfect example of why he has no right to call himself a journalist. No newspaper would or could print that, for many reasons.
For one, that kind of "reporting" shows a reckless disregard for the truth and is also defamatory.
Albero is a lame high school dropout wanna-be reporter.

Anonymous said...

He has really lost it this week. He has attacked everyone he can think of. It really pisses him off that he can't tell John Robinson what to do on his radio show.
He was threatened with legal action from the chief and the mayor a few weeks ago, after today's attacks on them he might be in for more than he bargained for.

Anonymous said...

Joe's continual libeling will eventually catch up with him. If I were a lawyer for those he is defaming, I would sit back for a little while and collect evidence (posts) so I have plenty for a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love how Joe slams Robinson, saying Robinson's blog is defensive!
HELLO?????? Has he read his OWN blog? If he doesn't slam somebody, then he talks about how great he is. Count the number of times he uses "I". It's amazing. Joe's his own best P.R.

I Told You So said...

I'm amazed that every time something happens he's so close to it.

VT massacre his brothers kid or friend or someone is going there.

Delmare Daycare, his grandbrat went there but He took the kid out because something didn't feel right. Hmmmmmm did you notify the authorities, Jhoey if you had maybe, just maybe....never mind!

I surprised he hasn't revealed he's a survivor or the World Trade Center attack! Or maybe the Oklahoma bombing.

Geeeez, "Jhoey the Jhero"
Save is Jhoey, SAVE US

I Told You So said...

I stand corrected.
He didn't like their style.
Well Hell he doesn't like anyone's style.
except of course his own

Idiot! said...

Gunpowder was right about Joey- it all has to be about him.

He thinks that people care what he says when all the care about is dirt on the Mayor. They are using him.

Hadley said...

Delmarva’s biggest wannabe journalist was at Cemetery Ridge in 1863 when Pickett Charged.

He was a deckhand on the USS Hornet when Doolittle took off for Tokyo.

He took a picture of the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima, but the film spoiled. (He used up two rolls photographing overflowing garbage cans.)

When Neil Armstrong jumped from the LEM to the surface of the Moon: Yep, you guessed it, our boy, the Delmar Dayglo was there, hiding under a rock.

I Told You So said...


Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Actually, in 1968 they changed the name of the LEM (which originally stood for Lunar Excursion Module) to LM (which stood for Lunar Module).

They thought that "excursion" sounded to much like a school trip.

BTW-- do you know what the first LM to ever fly in space was named? And why?