Monday, May 14, 2007

Has Little Joey Jumped the Shark?

Today's outrage on the Eastern Shore: Staples through cash at an auction.

You need to get on this Joey. You do not have credibility like Duvafiles. You do not provide intellectually stimulating political discussion like Gunpowder and Worcester Right. You aren't funny or interesting like many of blogs that are out there. You certainly are not like my blog which I believe encompasses all of those traits with as well as being incredibly good-looking.

You are the village idiot! that is only good for a laugh and you just aren't delivering. There is no point in posting everyday if it is all pointless, trivial drivel.

Pick a fight with someone crazy, out another blogger; hell out me pussy if you are so all knowing. Your long, strange trip is almost over Joey, time to pack it in.

Bonus assignment: Who should Little Joey attack next and why?


FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Looks like he may already be on the trail of "class act" site. Under the name anonymous. Either that or anonymous is also bi-polar.
I'm shocked he hasn't screamed COPYWRITER INFRINGEMENT on the Tomcat for the picture that's up there and threatened to sue sue sue.

Idiot! said...

Joey is a wuss. I have invited him numerous times to debate the issues and have him give an intelligent and mature explanation as to why he is so trashy, but he doesnt really say anything until he has the goods and then goes into bully mode.-- "Dont talk about my family or I will tell her daddy on you. Now please excuse me so I can go finish this post attacking another person who I dont like and libel them and their family."

He wont debate the issues, merely relying on his ability to yell louder and more annoyingly than anyone else. The fact that he is willing to stoop lower into the gutter to win an internet debate more than normal people also helps him win these arguments.

Idiot! said...

.....Didnt really get to my point in that last comment, whoops. The point is that he wont go after you guys because he doesnt know you, therefore he can not take you personally into the gutter.

Be careful not to let him take you there with him. I love an asparagus joke as much as the next guy, but I think we need to keep it factual so that we dont allow Joey to present himself as a victim of the mean blogs.

On a related note, I think the tomcat blog, as well as yours is amazing and it looks like they are already taking off. I like them alot, and keep up the good work. I especially like the daily tally of who Joey has attacked- that is hillarious and so creative. I like how we are making the "attack blog" into an art form. Post modern blogging.

Caughtit said...

See, this is what I like. A good discussion between people without name calling, bullying, and or threatening.
Joe will never figure out who I am. I'm a blip on the screen to him, because I have nothing to do with Wicomico County. I feel for those that do though. I like everyone else wonders why he doesn't stay in his own state.

Thanks for the nice thoughts idiot. Now that you're posting more :) you're doing a great job!!

TomCat said...
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TomCat said...

It is rumored that sewerriver rat had to go into the witness protection program for after he reported Joe for trying to order "Sharks with F*CKING LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS! said...

"Joey Albero is an American Idol" said:

"You [] do not provide intellectually stimulating political discussion like Gunpowder..."

I was waiting for an opportunity to discuss poor old Fairy Powder Scribe. And here it is:

Gunpowder's new site is an absolute disaster. It really looks terrible. Registration is a nightmare and the look and navigation of the blog is abysmal.

Let us backtrack to Mr. Albero's blog a few months ago. You know, when it looked even worse then Fairy Powder's.

Some of you may not know this but I was the one who made various recommendations (click here) to Mr. Albero to get his disastrous heap of a website back on its feet again. Mr. Albero took these suggestions to heart and changed his site the next day.

IMO, I believe Mr Albero is MAN ENOUGH to admit this and/or I will be having a discussion with him about these such matters this weekend when we shovel horse patoot together.

I just try to help people help themselves.

Therefore, Mr. Fairy Powder: Tear down your blog! Tear down your blog!

Let us first however go over a few things:

Uh-Oh! Looks like Fairy Powder is using the three column layout - a very difficult layout to make look good.

Ah, ha ha ha! Look at the right side with all the colorful blog tool symbols. Wee! so pretty! I count 13, how about you?

Hey Fairy Powder, isn't 13 bad luck? But it doesn't matter anyway because your site is already a complete wreck.


Do we really need to know "registration is required" trumpeted to us in the form of a huge box at the top of the blog, especially considering no one is registering anyway and the few who do cannot complete the process?


Author list? Ah hahahahah!!! Better delete - no one else is contributing!

Fairy powder - it looks so... wide, The header looks so... thick. Imbalanced. Empty, yet busy.

"Empty, yet busy". ROTFLMAO! That sounds like a phrase out of the Tao Te Ching. Some of you may be tearing your hair out at the fact I just quoted myself. Be that as it may... ROTFLMAO!

Oh, I just saw something at the very bottom of the blog:

"Page generated in xxx.xx seconds."

Who cares?

Hmm... back up to the top. Fairy Powder, do you realize that only 2 people have voted on your one and only "Survey"? Good God, man! Take it down!

What are all those old pictures of places at the top right slide-showing by about? I don't know them, should I? Hell, you may as well just do a feed off of google's images of "old buildings".

What do I know though.


Uhh.. let's see. Oh, how could I miss this one: THERE IS NO CONTENT AT THE BLOG. How can you have a blog with just a little blurb about "Ideas in politics. Ideas in economics. Ideas in faith."

Hey Fairy Powder, how about "ideas in web design"? How does that sit with you? Doesn't sit well, does it?

*Note to Fairy Powder: modify your blog to list on the main page the last 5,10, or 15 blog entries, at least so it looks like you have some content there even if it is from 1978, like I do at my little website.

There are some past postings in the archive, but here is an unfortunate example of a late April posting:

"It turns out The Delmar Dego doesn't like my site.


Now we can move on to more important things."

Now that's cerebral!

There are other postings. A few. But when you look at them they are buried in a sea of busyness.

You have the Posted by, Last update, Categories, and Technorati Tag sections, all kinds of dividing lines, symbols, more lines, indentations, everything stacked on top of everything, squeezed together, more indentations - Oh! I cannot go on!

Homework assignment for Fairy Powder: Look at your old website on blogspot, then look at your new one. Notice anything? Let me make it simple for you: you had it right with the old blogspot website.

Fairy Powder, if all the above complaints could be declared complete nonsense and blown away with a great puff of confectioner's sugar wind from the Giant Diabetic Pollitt's piehole, would you at least answer this one question:

Why is there a small traffic light depiction on your "welcome" post?

sparkly1 said...

Wow! Richard that was really rough. I agree with you on some points, but next times let's be polite enough to send him an email. Maybe you are getting a little too friendly with Joe. Your advice could have been given in a more Christianly way don't you think?

Historical Wit said...

How about a Zen Buddist way? Where you at socrates186? That dude had issues, but had some intellect. Poor SSR. Miss him. I got no one to talk about fishing with now. Plus he posted some good girly pics that were safe for work. I know you guys still read this crap, come back to the party.

TomCat said...

SSR has an open invitation to
If you ARE in the witness protection program, please email me your story. I promise not to OUT you! I need you for my casualty count!

KBA said...

SSR had bikini clad ladies holding some nice fish. Great site until Joe decided it was obscene.
I was also a victim of his threats and attacks on numerous occasions, but you know how it goes with X's.

TomCat said...

KBA you need to stop by and see the old TomCat. Speaking of SRR we really need to find him. He has a boat and could serve as our shore intelligence with a vengence.

Richard it was kind hearted and good spirited of you to help Joe get his website up and running. Nice Job, do you feel good about it? I guess that would make you and enabler. Did he pay you? You did it for free didn't you? Someone like Doug Church would have charged him $90 to $100 per hour to do that. It always gets me how the rich guys like things given to the for free. I hope that during the time you and Joe spent together that he FOUND the Lord. Letting him use you like that is OUTRAGEOUS RICHARD. said...

ROTFLMAO! said...

Do you know what's wrong with you people?

I read some of these blogs now and then and they are all the same - everyone is consumed with Mr. Albero to the point of insanity.

What is the point of continuing to respond to each and every thing Mr. Albero does?

It's infatuation. It's morbidly depressive.

It's insanity when you repeatedly expect Mr. Albero to change his tune and he doesn't.

And truly, I know not what the fuss is about for I find Mr. Albero to be a right honorable gentleman.

You people need to develop a lightness of heart.

This is inconceivable for most of you and why you are peasants, because you hold grudges and entertain jealousies in the smallness of your minds. said...

Hey Sparkly,

Are you the clown I have as a friend on Myspace?


Better to commune through this wondrous forum than Myspace as I loath the place.

Yes, there sure are a few folks up in arms over Mr Albero! I'll have a little chat with him and see if I can get him to pipe down!


Hadley said...


Make him an offer he can't refuse. LOL

o w grant said...

Tom Cat, imagine how Joe would act if he were "saved".

Nothing would really change, except that he would be more obnoxious about it, and claim that all of his vicious stalking, blogging, and law suits were to defend God! (Just what God needs is one more a$$hole thinking they're tight with Him.)

Its just this kind of thing that could lead to the Albero Inquisition. LOL.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

on another note, I've been checking my IP address everytime I log on. It changes each time.

Historical Wit said...

I have to disagree with you OR. My blog rarely takes shots at anything local. Its more of a "what I'm reading so I can have a conversation with my friends" type of place.

Hadley said...


Well some ISP's let the IP's "float around".

When you modem links with the ISP, the ISP queeries tha MAC address, so that the ISP knows who is knocking at the door. The ISP can asign a random IP or give you the same one it has "reserved" in your name. The protocol does not require that the ISP server give assign the same IP, but it can if it "wants" to. said...

Wit, I noticed that about your site and why I click on sometimes - it's not about the Wicomico Wasteland and the peasants therein. Perhaps I spoke too hastily and overgeneralized. My favorite blog is Delmar Dustpan, perhaps because it is based within my home town.

Duvall has some absolutely classic posts sometimes but it gets hard to read the same type of postings every day. Duvafiles serves an essential purpose, however, as a satirical chronicling of Transchoptankia. We peasants could not do without it.

TomCat said...

Lastest Charts Posted

Idiot! said...

While this site may be used as a sounding board more often then not, the main purpose of this blog is to be a forum for uncensored rebuttal to Little Joey's lies and libel.

Before, he was allowed to completely control the tone and dialogue, but with these blogs proliferating the truth to those who read the blogs for information, we have leveled the playing field on the Eastern Shore.

More and more the people are starting to see how crazy and obsessed he is and are looking for answers instead of just personally attacking.


Idiot! points for the first person to answer this math problem:

If Joey is 14 days ahead of the Daily Times.

And I am 22ish days ahead of Joey (4/23 post about Joey not calling himself MSM and being a reporter).

How far ahead I am on the Daily Times?

o w grant said...

Light Years.

TomCat said...

36 days

Historical Wit said...

Hey everyone, Joey Albero sucks hairy goat balls! said...


You're website's new 'look and feel' is awfully nice of late. Sort of like Windows Vista over Windows 3.1.



May no man say the Outraged One is without recognizing and commending the peasants on their good deeds.

Is that a double negative?

ROTFLMAO! said...