Monday, May 7, 2007

Flip-Flop Albero

Joey today went off again over the weekend about another blogger and must have left his PMS medicine back in Delaware as he was in rare hyper-sensitive form. For someone who spends much of his free-time on his mission to bring down all that have wronged him in his life, the only constant has remained his swaying of relative outrage.

To go off on somebody that has merely pointed to the huge disparity been Little Joey and the truth, it is ok to libel, defame, extort, threaten to out, drag family members through the mud. Those are all acceptable forms of "debate" in Joey's book.

On the other hand, when the shoe is on the other foot, Joey becomes all defensive and calls out for the police to come save him from the bullies on the Internet. Do you take your ball home with you too Joey? Bronx my ass. Don't tell me that bull- "'Oh, I need to protect my family'. Nobody is threatening your family, the only thing is risk is their reputation and you have done more to hurt that then any blogger will. What do they call a man who can dish it out but cant take it in the Bronx?

When is this going to stop? He is effectively shutting out all discussion on the issues and is attempting to have his "truth" be the one that everybody believes. This is beyond bringing civility to contentious City Council elections, this is about a tyrant. Say what you want about the Mayor, but has she ever threatened to bring down someone for the simple fact that they disagree with her? Has she ever done it? Joey has, and repeatedly. Joey does more in a single day on his blog to hurt the city, one in which he does not live, then the Mayor has in however many terms she has.

Why is somebody allowed to have a monopoly on the "truth"? Why is somebody allowed to merely shout down his opponents until they quit in disgust? There was outrage over the fact that former Council President Dunn did not allow for excessive rants out of turn at a council meeting, whereas there is relative silence while this monkey attacks and flings his poop at those who look at him funny.

Now we all know how Wit, Gunpowder, Richard, and all the regulars feel. This isn't going somewhere, but we need it to. Lets start a discussion and spread this blog around to get a groundswell of support. I apologize as this isn't the best blog, but I have been busy and this is the best I can do on short notice. We need to stand up once and for all and state that we will not let Little Joey dictate the tone and the message of the debate in Salisbury.

Bonus Joey Logic:

How big of Joey to accept Bill's apology. Nobody went more overboard in attacking the Council President than Joey (well, maybe the Professor as I am guessing there was a dictator/Nazi reference in there that I missed). So if Joey think that Bill is a man for apologizing for a fraction of the hyperbolic diatribe that he himself put on, then what does that make Joey who does not even acknowledge his own immature response? Let us remember, "folks", Joey wants us to move in a positive direction!:

"So Bill got caught up in the moment. It happens Folks. Let’s move on. Let’s understand where Bill was going in the first place and let’s move Salisbury in a positive direction. And Bill, you know of me well enough to know, I understand your frustration Brother! These are tough people to get the truth out of. Let’s hope she comes back. "


truthiness said...

The recent comments on his blog further illustrate why he is NOT remotely close to being a true journalist.
This is a fact: A reporter or editor would be fired if he threatened to extort anyone as Albero has done.

Moreover, it's truly sad and pathetic that he thinks just because the Shorebirds allowed him in the press box that is validation that he is a journalist.

As a side note, I find his constant use of the word "folks" completely annoying. It certainly reveals the limits of his vocabulary and education. And no journalist would ever refer to readers as "folks".

Wanna-be journalist Albero is really pathetic and he's always good for a laugh!

Idiot! said...

Its not just a joke anymore, this is getting serious.

To utilize hyperbole like our dear Professor, "They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
They came for the FOBs, but I didn't speak up because I supported Councilwoman Campbell.
Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Oceanshaman said...

Relax. The only tone and message Joe dictates is his own-- shrill, fevered, and fantastical though it may be. I don't see any other blogs attempting to replicate his special brand of crazy.

As well, I doubt there is anyone out there, with the exception of his most ardent acolytes, who actually mistakes his blog for either truth or journalism. Twisted soapbox? Certainly. Truthful journalism? C'mon.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the crazy. It's the best show in town.

truthiness said...

You are both right.

Though he is sublimely ridiculous, his penchant for threatening to destroy those who disagree with him is somewhat alarming.

Still, he is good for a daily laugh. I truly enjoy that he has no idea what a dolt he really is.

Plus, his delusions of self importance are truly entertaining.

Historical Wit said...

He will be his own end. Mark my words.

o w grant said...

It has been my experience that tin pot bullies like Mr. Albero are brought down, eventually, by simply being themselves.

He is dangerously close to crossing a line, from which he can never return. The percieved safty of his blog will be only a fond memory.

He's hurling himself toward some serious hurt. Be patient, and let events take their natural course, and try not to get any of it on yourself.

truthiness said...

I agree with Grant.
Albero will surely do himself in.

sparkly1 said...

Joe's tirade on the Plotts family is interesting. More threats. He threatens SBYDAVE with his mom. I bet Joe doesn't even know her. I DO KNOW HIS MOM as well as his grandmother, 3 aunts and uncle. I have known his mother's side of the family my entire life.

I have barely looked at the blogs in months and have quit posting but now I'm PO'd

It is time we shipped the toxic waste back to New Jersey or where ever the hell he came from.

sparkly1 said...
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sparkly1 said...

So it wasn't Doug Church after all??? Did another blog bite the dust??

Anonymous said...

I just wish Joe would make up his mind. First he loved what Bill did to Louise, then, agreed that Bill should apologize! WTF???Then he outright threatens a fellow blogger, and the blogger folds his tent and leaves! By the way, I loved his/her blog. It was a riot. Who died and left Albero king of blogs?
Now, according to a post in his blog this morning, he wants the City to sell him the old Salisbury firehouse. Has he lost the last brain cell he has? Goes he really think the city will sell him anything? I'd sooner see it torn down and made into a parking lot before I'd sell it to Albero. And I don't even live in the bury.
The only way to get rid of Albero is to have everyone stop reading his blog. He exists solely for attention. The big problem, like Ocean gotta laugh at the craziness. It's better than passing an accident on the side of the road. It's like watching a Saturday Night Live amok!

truthiness said...

He acts like a tough guy, but Albero is a pansy, pure and simple.

If he was secure in himself then he wouldn't be threatened by another blog poking fun at him.

The reason for his blog is obvious, and it has nothing to do with informing the public. He has a constant need to have his ego and manhood stroked. I guess he's not getting enough ego stroking at home or he wouldn't have to get it from the blog.

o w grant said...

When you're married to someone who's been passed around more than one of her father's library books, you might do well to look to other avenues of gratification.

truthiness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
truthiness said...

Let's not blame it all on her. After all, she's married to Joe "Fatty McButterpants" Albero. Any woman would keep her distance from him. He's got a roadkill face.

FOB said...

All the bloggers in town are wound up over Louise Smith and her obvious deception and defection to the "other" team.
This costs the Campbell/Cohen faithful at least 1 more year minimum of Barrie run government.
Joe just took it harder than some and vented his frustrations on a little rodent that has been itching him for some time now. Amazing how fast the chipmink ran when the delmar dog barked! I'm amazed he took it that long. Oh well ths site is gone (or at least I can't find it anymore)so I guess someone else will have to take up the slack! I can't imagine that sbydave will be reloading and coming back for seconds any time soon. LOL

El Jefe said...

Why would anyone want to be thought of as a reporter?

Most of them are lying, lazy, parasitic scum posing as the keepers of democracy.

FOB said...

your point is?

truthiness said...
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truthiness said...

It doesn't matter if Albero is pretending to be a reporter, an astronaut or a cowboy.

The point is that he lacks the intelligence, talent and/or education to be SOMEBODY, so he's made a persona for himself that in his mind gives him credibility. And pretending to be a "journalist" gives him a reason to "report" what he considers "news", as if his personal vendettas are newsworthy.

Guess what "folks"? He's a pathetic little fraud who wants attention.
He's self loathing is so transparent because of his obvious need for adulation and constant remarks about how manly and successful he is.

Historical Wit said...

Albero licks balls.

FOB said...

you all are a tuff crowd.
You have to admit the rodent thing was over the top! He wasn't forwarding any agenda or helping improve the town, he was just sticking it to Joe for some personal reason. Maybe a good reason, maybe not, but one thing is for sure I wouldn't want my wife talked about like that. But then again Joe shouldn't stick his family out there on the web for someone to take pot shots at.

As far as hem being a journalist. that's a laugh, when was the last time you saw any newspaper post 50th wedding aniversary pictures of the newspaper owners inlaws. Yes it's improtant to Joe but is it important news?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, has Joe REALLY helped Salisbury? I have never seen so many negative posts anywhere else on the net. And why Salisbury? Why doesn't he rip apart Delmar? And why the hell did he write Milkulski? Does he have a cease and desist order from Biden?
I realise that most people when they retire pick up a hobby. But ripping apart a community and threatening people in the community that dare defy him, is not considered help, or improvement.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

He owns property in Salisbury Pittsville Willards and lord knows where else. I guess he's just protecting his investment! I've been reading these blogs for 6 or 8 months and it's now getting to a new low. None of this is helping alleviate the issues in Salisbury, All this tit for tat is just building the fences higher. Salisbury Government is a microcosm of the identical erosion of our federal government.
From what I see and hear I don't think any of the current council members are going to forward any positive bi-lateral agenda for the improvements in this city or even the tone in this city. It's a stalemate of bad decisions and petitions.

Anonymous said...

He has his filthy tentacles entwined in everything. I am so sick of seeing and hearing and hearing about this piece of festering garbage. You can't watch a council meeting without seeing his big head running all over the place taking pictures. The Times referenced him this morning in their story about the firehouse. I try to listen to John Robinsons radio show but he has to talk about JA or he has to call the damn show.
I think he is getting close to his end. He is really out there lately with his posts.
I can't wait until he does something stupid and is put away for a long time. It's just a matter of time.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

What blog was he raising so much hell about? The squirrel blog or was there another?
I thought it was the squirrel blog or whatever he was calling himself on any given day!
I thought he was a gay college student Joe had taken a picture of.
Some of his stuff was funny, some pretty raunchy.
Man, I'm lost now.

truthiness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
truthiness said...

It was the humunculos blog, which is gone now. Sad, but true. Albero threatened him right out of business.

The thing is that blog would not have existed had Albero not been such a hateful lunatic with his own blog. Much like this blog, humunculos was created to give Albero a taste of his own medicine. Obviously it was effective since it really pissed Little Joey off.

ShoreNative said...

So Joe is blasting this Plotts kid for doing to him what he does to everyone on a regular basis. Must be his Mencia Mentality. He makes more threats to the kids family. Maybe his friendship with Davis Ruark is why Plotts can't get a peace order.

ShoreNative said...

I think it's time we all stood up against this guy. He threatens everyone. He insinuates all kinds of wrong doing and never backs it up. I think the Plotts kid was sorta sticking up for all of us that have been attacked by Joe. Why don't you all drop a line to Davis Ruark and give him your opinion.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Oh well,
Just another diversion from what really matters. The state of this city!

truthiness said...

I'm not a Davis Ruark fan, but I doubt Davis and Albero are friends. Davis just doesn't want to get on the guy's bad side because he may actually have someone run against him one day,( which he's never had before,) and he doesn't want a lunatic like Albero pointing out his abysmal record.

And I don't think the state's attorney's office has anything to do with peace orders. I think that's a judge thing.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

I wouldn't bother Davis Ruark, he has important things to worry about. I didn't read all of this kids posting but what I saw did not rise to any kind of criminal activity. I doubt there was enough there for civil action, that's just Joe spouting off trying to scare the poor boy. Sounds like he's done a good job of it too.
Actually this is probably the best thing that could have happened to Louise Smith.
We need to get back to holding the city officials feet to the fire on police pay, firemans pay, sewers, water, growth, taxes, and yes street lights.

Historical Wit said...

ALbero still licks balls.

truthiness said...

It's ironic that Albero is upset that another blog would target members of his family. He does this frequently on his own blog. If he does it then it's acceptable.

To call him a major hypocrite would be an understatement.

I agree family members are not fair game.
"Folks" there's enough to say about Albero himself:
He's a loser, a high school dropout, buttfaced ugly, an ass kisser, a hypocrite, a pathetic excuse for a "journalist" who
can't write a decent sentence, a slimeball and a pansy.

Anyone care to add to this list?

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Father, Husband, Grandfather, son-in-law, retired, reporter, rich, lives in Delaware he's and not too bright.
Security specialist, to a man, will tell you that you should never post pictures of your wife, kids, yourself or any family member on an open website. Let alone multitudes of other revealing pictures. Now I'm sure he could care less and that he can protect himself and his family. OK granted, maybe he can, but why would anyone want to subject themselves or their love ones to all this? Just to be the King Blogger of Salisbury?

o w grant said...

I'd like to add to that list.

He's got the profile of a sociopath.

He feels little connection with other humans; they are objects to be manipulated, and therefore, he has no sense moral shame or empathy when he lashes out at others.

He was probably exposed to physical abuse or other violence as a child, and he equates this behavior with control and dominance.

Any percieved slight or injustice (real or inaginary) is answered with threats of physical or psychological retaiation.

Growing up, he was probably picked on, or ignored, by his peers.

This is actually a VERY sick individual. If I were a family member, I woud be in constant fear for my well being.

I'm sure that, at first, he seemed like the perfect way for Jennifer to punish the zoo for her termination. I wonder if she still thinks it was worth the price?

Historical Wit said...

still licks balls too.

truthiness said...

To f.o.b.
Albero may be a father, grandfater etc, but make no mistake: He is not a reporter simply because he writes a blog any more then he would be a doctor if he dispensed medical advice his friends.

A real reporter has rules and legal constraints and cannot print whatever he wants at any given time. A real journalist does not and cannot use that platform to further his own personal agenda, nor can use it to settle personal scores or insult (without basis of facts) those who he does not like.

I do agree his is a sick man and needs professional help, but he also seems like a narcissist and those people rarely are open to therapy because they first need to admit they have a problem. A true narcissist believes they are perfect and that the world revolves around them. I think he is beyond help, so we here must hold him accountable and give him a taste of his own medicine whenever he crosses the line.
Just my opinion.

truthiness said...

Right on Wit!

Idiot! said...

This blog wasnt started to give Joey a taste of his own medicine, it was started at a time when he was wrecking havoc on everyone in the city from bloggers to random citizens.

Everybody was either Jim Rapp, Jannace, the Mayor, or an FOB (great name by the way). He would go out of his way to libel everyone and their family, by bravado, bluster, and a tremendous ego and sense of entitlement.

I wanted to have a forum to state what I felt was wrong about what he was saying without censorship. I wanted to counter the lies, halftruths, unfair accusations, etc. much like FOB is. There was no dissenting voice on the blogs, and they were in a race to see who could bash the Mayor and city the hardest. I have nothing to do with the Mayor and I do not neccesarily support her, but as these blogs got caught up in their race to the gutter, there were many people getting hurt in the process.

It was my thinking at the time that if I were to call Joey out on his BS, caustic tone, lies, immaturity and distructive vendetta, he would be embarrased into using his popular blog in a more responsible manner. Evidently I misjudged the ego and stubborness of the Eastern Shore Idol.

I have disagreed with the opinions of other bloggers as well as the sometimes awkward reasoning that they have used to arise at their decision, but it is Joey that has drawn my ire for his destructive tone. Some of the blogs, I feel, cross the line of good taste, but they allow for that to be stated in response on their blogs. Everybody but Joey appears to have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable.

It is not my place to be the polite police on these blogs and correct everyone, as my morality is relative and is not to be imposed on other bloggers (pay attention conservatives).

While that other blog was immature, in your face, and oftentimes personal, I do not believe it went any further then Joey has gone on his blog on numerous occasions.

I have been busy and slow in posting throughout my time authoring this blog, but I have noticed irregardless of the postings on this blog, whether many or scant, Joey still carries on his vendetta. Actually, I believe that in the times that we took breaks from posting, Joey would actually act out just to get our attention.

However, I still think that my blog does good in counteracting the negativity that he brings to the debate.

o w grant said...

He absolutely is a narcissist. That's part of the disconnection from the rest of society. His needs are all that counts.

If he thinks of anyone else at all, it would concern only the amount of the individual's usefulness to his personal agenda.

Notice when he writes about family or intrests, he refers to them as he would possessions. He sees people and objects only in relation to his own status.

The meltdown he had over Louise Smith wasn't so much about what she decided to do, but rather that she decided to think for herself.

She had the arogance of refusing to be controlled. What followed was a demonstration of impotent rage.

I think he's close to a break down. My advice is to stand back and let him just be himself. Nothing could be more or damning.

Historical Wit said...

and it gives me a forum to say "Albero licks balls!"

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Wit, if you are nothing else you are persistent!

Idiot, I have noticed over time that, yes you do not blog much, but when you do it takes about 24 hours for you to have 20, 30, 40 comments. People are watching. I haven't seen a posting on Joe's site in sometime now with more than 3 or 4 comments, usually he makes up half of them. Sooner or later he will turn on everyone and the only comments left will be from his father-in-law and possible Kate.
There is definitely a need for another voice, another view, and some sanity. The other blogger was a lot like Joe in that he turned off as many people as he turned on. but the kid was talented, I'll say that. Maybe that's why Joe hated him so much, Joe can't come close to that boys talent when it comes making up "fairytales".

I thought the name FOB would be cute. I actually expected to get heckled pretty bad, but not yet!

Historical Wit said...

I know I will browse what ever sites I can get my hands on thats about local boggers. Git er up and they will come. Hey is there anyway to get a list of local bloggers?

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

I'm finding them by just bouncing around from blog to blog, some keep a list of fellow bloggers, Monoblogue and Delmarva Dealings has the largest inventory. you can click on the blog posters name, thats how I found your modern art.
I must say you are colorful! Are you sure you weren't the Squirrel blogger? LOL never mind.
A lot of them are not updated very often, some, like Joe's too often!

o w grant said...

Unfortunately, my day job keeps me from making more entries than I do, but I try to keep up with the local buzz. The trouble is, when I get on, I keep getting an annoying sucking noise from the vicinity of Delmar.

truthiness said...

I must say this blog is intelligently written, coherent and logical. Albero's blog is a nonsensical, illogical and incoherent rant that is poorly written and reveals his lack of education and poor command of the written word.

Even the comments here are intelligent. Compare that to the comments on Joey's blog, which mostly written by sycophantic "folks" who are stroking his massive ego.

Sycophants is probably a big word for Joey and his pals. Oh well, that's what dictionaries are for!

o w grant said...

This is how well adjusted adults conduct themselves.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

You seem to have a lot of company on both counts, working too much and that sucking sound from Delmar.
I'm new to this, actually commenting that is, I've been reading for a while. I've noticed most people don't identify themselves, some moderate comments, some you have to be a member to comment. There's an entire smorgasboard of Blogs in the area.
Oh well,
if it keeps going like this Joe will have the only blog left and his interest will all wane. Then he'll have to move on to something else to amuze himself with.

truthiness said...

Idiot, your posts, though infrequent, are more interesting and enlightening then anything Joey could hope to type.
My only suggestion is we want more!
Keep up the good work. Now that humunculos is gone, it's all up to you.
Anyone know what happened to Maryland Townie? He hasn't posted since March.

Anonymous said...

Joe has two major problems with webs and blogs. ok more than two but two I'd like to high lite. Both have to do with identity. Joe flipped his blog to the new site so he could have more control with the responses on his blog. Granted, if you sign up to respond to his "thoughts" you could by all rights make up a name and fake address, but even if you do, there's a 100% chance if he doesn't agree with what you sent in, he won't post it.

The second point is, months ago, Joe "reported" once that in his opinion, if you don't reveal yourself on a blog, whatever you write isn't worthy of posting.

Do you REALLY want him to know your name? I sure as hell don't.

And a question to the masses. How does he know for sure that all those court cases are for the Plotts that he knows? Couldn't some of them be for another family of Plotts? I ask this because some of the court cases are in Montgomery County. I would think the Plotts here would have cases on the Eastern shore.

Historical Wit said...

Joe ball lickers reall problem is to many voices in his head. Have you ever seen someone so paranoid that everyone who comments against him is the mayor, or Rapp, depends on what you comment on I guess. Either way, dude doesn't have an even keel. I have been at the bloggin long enough to see people like him flame out. They cant keep going forever. They eventually burn to many bridges and are left on the island with no exit. Case in point, look at us slappin up 50 plus comments on this thread. Sure that dipshit gets hits on his blog, as long as he's entertaining people with Enquireresq writing, he will always be worth one good chuckle a day. I know I like to go over there at least once a day and time how long it takes me to read something wrong. But he is who he is. Its a good thing hes rich cause one day someone gonna crawl up that ass of his with a civil case.

As to not updating the modernart blog, well that is a total side project. I got a couple of freinds that paint and just try to give them a place on line. Exposure, thats all. I haven't had any time to work on that while the semester was in, but I got like 2 classes left and then I will be on it. I have about 15 paintings to photograph and add. Plus a whole new bit of knowledge of art after this last paper I wrote. Good shinnizzle. ALright peeps, I am out, gotta work, but remember, Albero licks balls!

El Jefe said...

Well "folks" he IS a reporter, like it or not. Some of you keep saying he isn't, but you are wrong, you must not know what a reporter does.
He DOES report.

Think of the burned out lights that he has reported on, that the city subsequently fixed.

The dumpsteres WERE overflowing.

He does post photos of breaking news such as fires and auto wrecks.

Does he lick balls? YES

But he IS a reporter.

Nice art.

GayBury said...

I asked the person who works next door to me what the deal with Albero was months ago - when I first started reading local blogs. And she said, "Oh, he's bipolar or [pointing to her head] you mentally you know." Very straight-faced and not kidding. I have followed ever since and find the local blogs fascinating.

Idiot! said...

Sweet, does this mean my blog now has a gay following?

I am starting to be relieved that more people read this blog then the few that post. It looks like the few new names on here that appear to only have posted here have a good amount of profile views- more than the usual suspects that post here. As long as "the other side of the story" is getting out there, I am happy.

We all know Joey reads this site religously and it is pissing him off as he is slowly starting to realize how many people are reading this blog rediculing him.

I was starting to get a little pessimistic and despondant as I have slowly started to watch the message boards at The Daily Times turn into a more ignorant (how is that possible?!) version of the Grapevine. However, I think we can include about 35% of those names as belonging to Little Joey as he tries to promote his site.

Wait, what was it again that Joey licks?

sparkly1 said...

I mentioned earlier that I know the Plott's kids mom. I called her last night. Joe doesn't know her at all. I also found out that it is not David Plotts blog! Joe has the wrong guy but he proceeds to trash the kids family. Everyone that has been trashed by Joe needs to get together and do something about him.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Sparkly I saw your name last fall on one of the blogs, aren't you one of the lone survivors of Joe's abuse to still be brave enough to blog?
You should know it's not about who's blog it was with Joe, It's about power and this kid was pushing Joe's buttons and he got too close. It is kind of funny how the blog disappeared at about the same time that Joe went off. That makes me wonder if Joe didn't guess right. At any rate another anti-joe blog has disappeared and another blogger has died on the sword of Joe.

King of The Plaza said...

Joe keeps alluding to terrible, awful, not so good things that Zoo director Rapp did to his wife when she worked for the zoo, and keeps mentioning how Rapp waved a big black dildo around that he fished out of the River on some shoreline cleanup exercise.

What happened? The imagination takes flight! Did he try to get her to play ping pong with a big purple, jelly-dong. Did he beg her pardon in the torpid gator garden? Catch her unawares by the slumbering bears?

What's the scoop?

sparkly1 said...

FOB, yes I was one of Joe's victims. I have 16 pages of undeserved abuse documented. The site may have been taken down to prevent David Plotts froms suffering for something he didn't do. Joe will go after anyone that disagrees with him. Let's remember that before Joe was certain that it was Doug Church's blog. David Plotts and Doug Church are not even friends. The page disappeared before and came back after threatening Joe. It wouldn't surprise me if Joe was the author of that blog, fakes the anger of how he is being abused, threatens and then takes it down just to prove how powerful he is.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Now that's a thought. Joe setting up some kid to make himself look big and bad. We'll see if it comes back. If it does I hope someone says so on this blog. I'd like to watch the drama.

birdie said...

Wonder if Joey was trying to get some work done to one of his numerous properties and AES dropped the ball. Maybe sbydave was his point of contact and Joey unleashed because he didn't get what he wanted in the way of drawings.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Joe was the author of that blog, fakes the anger of how he is being abused, threatens and then takes it down just to prove how powerful he is.

C'mon people, Joe's NOT that smart!! Yall are giving him credit for way more brain cells than he really has.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Caughtit, you are right.
I didn't get to see the last weeks worth of posting before he/she cut and run but that charactor was talented. I really don't think joe would have done that anyway. He has enough targets of opportunity about the area to crucify, he really doesn't need to be fabricating them.
I had to laugh this morning heading home when WICO came on with the green grocer talking about apricots. I'll never listen to that public service spot again with the same thoughts.

Hadley said...

The green grocer has those EXTRA big carrots.

The Dayglow of Delmar does not have a clue.