Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Something to think about….

(Sorry for the lack of posting but I have been busy with work, birthdays, and the holiday, but I have been peaking in every now and then. Here is a quick little thought to wet your whistle.)

We all know that Campbell and Cohen are in cahoots with Joey and are implicitly supportive of his behavior and his character assignations (Smith is still aligned with him in my opinion as she benefited, and never tried to distance herself from that behavior). But are they so aligned with the most destructive force in the city that they are making public policy concessions to him already? What is going to happen if they gain a majority in a couple of years?

I am talking about their proposal to essentially kill the Salisbury Zoo as we know it. Of all of their cuts to the budget, I do not believe that any department has been singled out as much as the zoo. Do you think that it is a coincidence they are targeting the one portion of the city that Joey has the biggest hard on for in his vendetta against the city?

PS- A little free advice to the majority of the council who have repeated numerous times that it is not their “job to go through to budget line by line”: Have you lost your damn minds? Jesus Christ, do they not have political advisers on the Eastern Shore? You are about to pass an unpopular tax increase in a hypercritical political environment and you are basically telling the people that you are not going to work as hard as possible to save them money. Get your shit together or you deserve to have Little Joey’s people running the city in a couple of years.


FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

could "Little Debbie" and "Terry the Tiger" be a little sceeeerd of old Joe?

Myndful said...

They could be - he IS kinda off-the-wall. Oops, that was a typo...strike "kinda".

They both have young kids, would you want joe after you if you had innocents around?

Historical Wit said...

Seriously, thats why i don't reveal who I am. Joe shitface woudl walk up and knock on your door and feel he has a right to. He is that ingnorant. Its all good though, they have a special place in hell for him. and you too Kate.

o w grant said...

I'm just waiting for the falling house....I hear that there are two pairs of ruby slippers up for grabs!

Hadley said...

You notice now that Jim Rapp is leaving the zoo, the Delmar Dayglow had to find a new target?

He is now picking on Ms. Samis who works at the zoo and was given a raise and promotion that a certain former employee coveted.

Who was it that said that the man liks balls?

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Actually, Hadley, Judge Legg noted that had Jennifer Albero been given Carrie Samis' position, it would have been a demotion and a pay cut.

Which makes me wonder what prescription medication Jihad Joe should be taking and isn't.

Jihad Joe's attacks on Rapp, Samis, et al. remind me of the old staple about the radical leftists in America. You remember it-- the lefties "Loves America, but Hates Americans."

Jihad Joe loves the Zoo, but hates the Zoo workers.

Idiot! said...

Did everyone catch the little tidbit that Joey threw into another rant about how Rapp was pushed out of zoo by the Mayor?

Also, Robinson, you better give me credit for what I think is a very real possibility that Campbell and Cohen are repaying a favor to Joey by trying to tear apart the zoo and fire a personal enemy.

And now that theory of the Smear Campaign for Budget Payback trade has been leaked, Joey is in desperation mode as he tries to spin they story further and further away from the truth to make it seem like the zoo is a huge drain on the city.

Hadley said...

Good call.

Reckon why he hates the zoo workers?

Given the history detailed in the lawsuit, one can only conclude that his special venom for the zoo and its people is of a personal nature.

Otherwise his complaints would be about their performance as opposed to their personalities and character. Why would he even care if a zoo employee pleasured herself with a shower head, it does not effect her performance --- at the zoo.

GayBury said...

Yeah. Joe is going, "Must change vendetta. Find new vendetta. Who else did not give wife special priveleges. Must get."