Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little Joey beats a dead horse about the beating of a dead horse....and then blames all the horse beating/animal cruelty on Jim Rapp

*Mr. Reddish conducts an unprofessional interview with the City Council President.
*Little Joey breaks out the pom poms to cheer on the immature display
*Mr Reddish apologizes on air for his Albero-like behavior
*An official statement is released regarding the incident
*Since the day after the interview, Little Joey declares that everyone is beating a dead horse over the hubbub and to let it drop.

Where exactly was the constant harping on the subject? There was no excessive apologizing or hand wringing. There was no Imus-esque drawn out debacle.

This is just another example of Little Joey trying to not only dictate the tone, but the truth as well. There was no excessive hullabaloo over the interview that wasn't fueled by Joey's zeal for the public lashing. Now, it appears that the public consensus (correct me if I am wrong) is leaning towards the belief that Mr. Reddish was out of line in his channeling of Joey to interview Council President Smith.

Now, instead of acknowledging himself that his support of the interview and previous immature attacks against the Council President were out of line, Joey only wants his readers to ignore his behavior, predictions, and approval of interviewing tactics, and start believing that this non-existent up swell of dissatisfaction created by the Mayor has become too much and we need to move on as a community.

This is the second time in recent days (the feigned indignation- 'there is gambling going on here?!?! I am shocked, shocked!!- over the tone of certain blogs) that Joey has called for the high road to be taken.

That is the problem with self-serving "leaders", and Joey is a prime example, is that they are quick to proclaim this and that, but they are unwilling to actually follow through.

That is what I believe to be the true calling of these blogs: Keepers of record to ensure that the politicians and community leaders are held responsible for their actions. However, there is no reason that this cannot be done without courtesy and respect.

I will now take part in the beating of the horse: Joey is not a community leader in any shape or form, and is merely an opportunist using the blogs and the citizens for his vendetta against those that didnt back down to the big bully. This needs to be on the front of everyone's mind when they read his blog. Everyone reading these blogs needs to know this, from the new bloggers to those lurkers, to those who only read the "legitimate" news blogs. The word needs to get out there so that Joey is completely discredited as long as he is continuing to act in the manner that he has chosen.

I am not saying to not read his blog (How could you not? Everybody loves a train wreck in the making), but when you do, always have it in the front of your mind that no matter helpful the information that the author giving the information does not have the best interest of the city at heart and is merely furthering his vendetta in almost every single post. He must be held accountable for the lies and hate that he spreads. We all know that his time is coming, but the wolf should not be given a free pass to the chicken coup while the farmer makes his way over to handle the situation. (How is that country quote from a Democrat? Ever my blog and metaphors are inclusive.)

In a related note of Alberopocracy: Joey uses a Daily Times poll to validate his point in regards to an apparent mandate for a restaurant owned by Mr. Racial Sensitivity. Apparently when paired with faulty logic and an inability to master the art of percentages, the use of this unscientific poll is perfectly acceptable in an argument.

PS- Thank you to everyone for all the quotes and discussion. To have that many comments is amazing. Joey, I know you are reading this and it is killing you that I had more comments on one post then you have had in the past month. The word is finally getting out about your BS.


FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Idiot, or whatever your name is, I'd like to thank you for putting up a new post so promptly. It was taking way to long to get to the end of the comment section on the last posting. LOL

Historical Wit said...

get some high speed yo! verizon 17.99 dsl kicks it pdq. and remember Albero lick donkey testicles.

o w grant said...

Wit, would that be his preferred testicular tongue tempter?

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

You are assuming Wit knows! Not good.

o w grant said...

Apparently, Bill Robinson called him out on the zoo posting. His research contradicted everything Albero said. He cited more than one source, because, as he pointed out to Albero, that's what news men do.

o w grant said...

Sorry, Wit.

I wasn't assuming that you had first hand knowledge of the perferences of a certain individual.

Historical Wit said...

No, that would actually be horses testicles. And he does have an obsession with squirel testies too.

little nut chucker he is...well not little, a big nut chucker.

And to the comment he is a journalist, no freakin way. If Albero prints something that causes harm to another person, he can not hide behind the 1st amendment. He would be sued, not the blog Salisbury News. Even if he diseminates good and useful news, he's still just a guy with a blog. Dont get me wrong, I have been bloggin for like 4 years, locally and with bigger national blogs and I love what they can do. Remember Trent Lott? But what Albero is doing is throwing a grand hissy fit over his wife getting chucked from the zoo and he doesn't care who he hurts to prove his point. Eventually it will land his ass in jail or lessen his wallet, and we will all be there to laugh, but we get to watch it happen also. And that gets us laughs too. But it his life and we are just spectators unless we feel we should say something. But you know if you are going to say something, he's camin for you. He's readin all this. chewing a pencil to dust casue he wants to wring someone's neck. Your neck. My neck. Anyone else who said two words against hime andhe thinks is the mayor. So what you gonna do? Aint much you can, except to say shit that you know pisses him off. Stupid childish shit. Like...

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

I'm not sure I understand exactly where you stand on the issue of Joe. Can you elaborate? Never mind, I don't wnat to get off on the wrong foot with my blog. I'm actually enjoying this and I don't want him to run me off like he did that laughing squirrel.

Caughtit said...

As for Joe being a "journalist" ask yourself this.....Does he do real research?
For instance, the shopping cart that was run over. Was it run over because food prices are high (like he said) Or was it run over for:
A. A prank.
B. The driver didn't see it?
Point 2. Does Joe use at least two sources for his "articles"?
Probably not. He makes up what he wants to fit what he wants and then hammers and hammers it home.
As for the trash and the light bulbs...I'm sure the trash pics were taken just before the trash man came and I'm willing to bet if you call public works and tell them about the burn out, they change it.
As for that bike he keeps taking pictures of. Here's an idea Joe...put the fucking camera down, cut the chain off and trow the bike in a dumpster.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Well folks,
I think we are getting ready to lose another blog site. It looks like Joe and John Robinson have stopped pretending to be nice to each other. Joe went beserk in his comment section on CO2 euthenization when John questioned the validity of Joe's "Reporting".
Looks like a real fight brewing. Will Joe kick him off, will John invite Joe back on his show? Stay tuned.

Historical Wit said...

fob- I dont like Joe as a person. Period. So I dont like anything he does. No matter if hes right or wrong. I do like bloggin and will defend that, but not the hate Alberos spews with his ball licking tounge.

truthiness said...

It really must be killing him to see you get more comments on this blog then he does on his blog. And half of his comments are from him responding to someone else's comments.

He's lame, lame, lame, lame, lame and....stupid.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Wit, just trying to inject some levity in your obvious distaste for the Mr. Albero. Wit, with that face how did you ever get married?

TomCat said...

Visit New Blog

jcinsby said...

Worcester Right has a nice post about JA.

Historical Wit said...

WTF is the problem with the event at the zoo? Does this moron think the people are going to get drunk and crawl in the cages to have conversations with the animals? I am glad he raised awareness to the event cause I'm going! And I'm gonna drink, laugh and be marry.

As for how did I marry? Well that would be my charming personality and sharp wit.

o w grant said...

I'm up for a night out to party and support the zoo. Not just because I think its a little gem - it is! - But also because the numbers will stick in Albero's throat....and probably other orifaces.

The zoo has done nothing but prosper since the canning of Jennifer. The more the Alberos and their toadies try to hurt it, the more it flourishes. That, Joe, is "Karma, baby".

trainwreck member said...

Remember, the Zoo is also a "Joe free zone" All the more reason to attend.

Caughtit said...

I believe, the City of Salisbury is following in the footprints of the Baltimore Zoo. They have a yearly "Zoorama" that has a yearly theme, black tie, cocktails and appetizers. All the money raised goes to the zoo. Sounds like the zoo is doing it's part to raise money for itself. What's the harm in that? And I doubt very much that mature adults will get drunk and throw things at the animals or even touch or get near an animal. Joe, not everyone is as immature as you are.

Caughtit said...

Read this...they make ALOT of money doing this!!

o w grant said...

And by the way, I would never have known about the Zoo event if I hadn't read about it on Albero's own "NEWS" blog.

His announcement will go along way toward boosting attendance for this fine function. Not allowing him inside is just icing on the cake.

As always, the Zoo will benifit by his efforts, and make gobs of money. That's "Karma, baby".

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

I'm going to try and be there. I'll even drink Joe's portion of the wine seeing as he's such a prude.

Wit, I see your wit, your wife must have been deeply in love to want to sleep with that face! ha
I still haven't learned how to put a picture with my "handle". But I'll get there.

I to would have not heard about the Zoo-festival w/o the help of Joe, I guess Jim Rapp will be sending the Salisbury News a thank you card for the 9000 extra people that will be attending because of the initiative of this young News Journalist.

Caughtit said...

D youo really think Joe's blog gets thousands of hits a day? thing can make your site meter open for all to see. Joe doesn't. I don't think he gets the hits he says he does

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

I just started Blogging this week and I though I was getting tons of hits. But everytime I clicked on my site from my favorites it goes up one. All I would have to do is sit there and keep refreshing the link and the count goes up. Joe may be wearing out his mouse hitting the link button on his MAC. It was disappointing to know I wasn't an instant success!

Hadley said...

He raises Hell when someone even mentions HIS family.

But it is OK for him to post an unflattering picture of Mayor Tilghman and her daughter.

I am SURE that there is nothing wrong with his health, but he reminds of a friend who is bipolar. Up one minute, and down the next. My friend will seem normal, and then rant and rave in the next instant.

Hadley said...

Regarding the site listed above:
" Joe Albero Is A Class Act "

Just a thought: Do you suppose Joe put that blog up just to get a peek at the IP addresses of his enemies?

Repeat, it is JUST a thought. Maybe His paranoia is catching?

Hadley said...

One more thing:

Reference the site meters.

AS another blogger pointed out a few weeks ago.

Search engines account for numerous hits everyday. Plus everytime a reader clicks on a story link it shows up as another "visitor". So if you go there just once, but clcik on three stories/comments, it shows up as FOUR hits.

Caughtit said...

yea but he wo't show his meter. he hides it on purpose. You can click to "not show meter".

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

If you are using your home computer your IP address changes each time you log on, this is how Microsoft and others beat the hackers.
If you are blogging from work and you work for a big company you may have a stagnent IP address. But no one would dare use company time to play on the internet.
At any rate he can not tell by IP addresses much of anything. Except that it's coming from the same main frame in the case of a stagnent address. It does not tell him WHO owns that mainframe. That takes a court order. Now if you are blogging from that site under more than one name he can see that.
I work in IT. Well as little as possible! Ha

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Most of the talk about knowing who is who is just BS.
CSI has people beleiving anything can be done. You have to be real, and I mean real good with computers to trace that stuff. It's a lot of smoke and mirrors mostly and Joe smokes a whole lot.

Hadley said...


Well the Zoo ponds might be "stagnent", but your IP address would be STATIC,.

You are right, most ISP's for home use provide you with a Dynamic IP Address. But that does not mean it changes everytime you logon.

Try going to, record the number that shows up, do this everyday and see how often it changes.

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Actaully last night I was starting early on Joe's portion of the wine thats going to be at the Zoo Party. Your Right, Static! Hic.

Caughtit said...

ok now Joe wants sprinkler systems in residences? And Firetrucks are going to go the way of the dinosaurs?
Ok am I the only one out here that has had the smoke detector go off when I broil a steak? Can you imagine the water damage if I broil a piece f chicken, and have a sprinkler system installed?

FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

Can you imagine the insurance claims for water damage because of an over grilled dinner. Wonder if you need flood insurance to be covered?

trainwreck observer said...

FYI: Fire sprinklers only go off when the heat breaks the glass in them. So they won't go off because of smoke.

trainwreck observer said...

Also, the City does require sprinklers in certain commercial renovations already. For example an occupied attic with only one way out. Multi-family residential such as condos already require sprinklers.

The biggest risk to insurance companies isn't a fire, but is personal injury. Someone tripping and falling down a flight of stairs at a commercial office building because of a rug in the wrong spot can easily outweigh fire damage.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Actually, federal law since 1982 (?) has required sprinklers in any structure built since then. This was a (proper) reaction to the MGM Grande fire in Las Vegas, where a fire in the main casino killed a bunch of people and could have been contained. The law also mandates sprinklers in commercial buildings built before then when they are renovated and certain thresholds are met.

The National Fire Protection Association also has a set of mandated standards that all insurance companies follow in terms of what properties they will write policies on, as well as inspection standards for municipal spectators.

An important point: sprinklers save property, not lives. Sprinklers won't activate until the temperature hits 165 degrees or so at the sprinkler head. By then, its usually the case that anyone in (still) in the room would have succumbed to smoke (especially given the number and types of chemicals in carpet, paint, and furniture) or burned to death.

Insurance companies are mostly concerned about loss of life, because there is usually a negligence issue there that multiplies any settlement cost.

A bigger question -- given Jihad Joe's obsession with sprinklers: Are all of his buildings adequately sprinklered to the standard he expects everyone else to meet?