Friday, May 18, 2007

I am Joey’s Complete Lack of Self-Awareness.

Little Joey states about Old Man Duvall: “I hope I never get this bitter when I’m his age.”

Let us parse this short, but telling statement.

He is cognizant of the fact that Duvall is quite crotchety in his old age, so that is evidence that Joey posses the skill to identify and comprehend the emotion of bitterness.

However, the snag comes when Little Joey tries to compare and contrast the identification of emotions in another with that of himself.

Little Joey completely disregards the fact that his whole existence is to carry out a vendetta against the Mayor because of a Hatfield’s v McCoy’s lifestyle that they have chosen and will not drop. (Does anyone have the story behind that civil suit?) I don’t care what side of the debate that you are on, whether or not you support the Mayor or the zoo, you absolutely have to admit that Joey is probably the most bitter man on the Eastern Shore. Jebus Christ, the man felt it necessary to write close to 1000 words of drivel to complain about money being stapled at an auction.

In defense of Little Joey, he could have gotten confused over the additional dimension of time in his comparison equation.

The man has completely disillusioned himself into believing that he is not bitter presently, and becoming more and more so as the Mayor continues to thrive. All of this despite years of the best intentions of Joey and his bitter family.

(Another aside- Geez, I hope you were better at producing light bulb condoms then you are at bringing down the Teflon Mayor. Maybe you should have your dad set up your vendetta from scratch and you will be successful.)

This man is completely disassociated from reality as others have notated before, and this throwaway glimpse into the psyche of Little Joey is a disturbing example of this diagnosis.

PS- It looks like Old Man Duvall beat Little Joey in the “publishing” of the press release about the community tax meeting. You are slacking Little Joey. You starting to get a little paranoid that they like him more then they like you? That old insecurity coming back? Does this mean that Duvall is a MSM journalist like you now?


FOB = Friend of Salisbury (bury) said...

there you are Peter!
Hope you have a good weekend.

TomCat said...

Welcome Home! How was Kansas?

TomCat said...

Where are you, people are wondering if something happened.

TomCat said...


GayBury said...

Thus far, Joe has created a conundrum in my cute little head. I agree with most of what says politically. Though I don't worship Mike Lewis, I think he is very good at his job. And though I don't loathe city workers enough to do background checks and dig up old dirt on them, I think they could do better at their jobs, especially the mayor. I just don't agree with his tactics and how mean he is at times. Conundrum, conundrum.

o w grant said...

I recieved this email this morning:

Hi there Zoo friends,

The Salisbury Zoo needs your help. Two City Council members (Terry Cohen &
Debbie Campbell) are proposing significant budget cuts to your zoo. These cuts
would be detrimental to Zoo operations and would cause 5 (out of only 14) zoo
staff members to lose their jobs. The Zoo Education Department and the Animal
Department would effectively be cut 50% - and there is no way the Zoo could
continue to serve the community in the wonderful way that it has for the last
53 years. Please make your voices heard! We need your support! The information
below, from Zoo Director Jim Rapp, gives more detail about the proposed cuts
and what you can do to help. Please share this information with everyone you
know. It would be great for all of our partners - young and old - to make a
statement, so please share this with colleagues, students, children, friends,

We know you love the zoo - it's free and accessible to everyone in our
community, and it's top-notch - accredited by the Association of Zoos and
Aquariums... and we want to keep it that way - it's one of the things that
makes our town great. Please contact City Council members (contact information
is below), send letters to the editor (eamil to, send
comments to the Grapevine'(telephone 410.749.7171 x 333 or fax 410.749.7290) -
get the word out however you can...

Thank you for your support!

Carrie Samis
Education Curator
410.546.3440 x 5
In today's Daily Times, there is an article about Debbie Campbell and Terry
Cohen's proposed $3 million cuts to the City budget. Yesterday, Campbell &
Cohen released details of their proposed $1.4 million in cuts from the City's
general fund. They have proposed $326,119 in cuts to the zoo's operational

These cuts represent:

Zoo Curator (Gary Muir)
Zoo Eduication Curator (Carrie Samis)
Three Zookeeper positions (3 of 6 staff, could be Ann Konopik, Dave
Williamson, Dan Ciancitto, Joy Gibson-McIntire, Christianna Fry or Debbie
.and $152,388 in cuts to maintenance accounts, training, increases &
benefits, etc.

This is completely unacceptable. These cuts will ruin the Zoo that you and I
have built together with our investment of time, money, and love for our
animals and our community.

I have spoken with Zoo Commission Chairman Ron Alessi, and we have agreed to
the following. Please do everything you can to help:

1. Contact Debbie Cambell and Terry Cohen and let them know how you feel about
your Zoo. It doesn't matter if you are a City taxpayer or not - you are an
investor in this Zoo, and you want to see your investment supported by the
owners, the City of Salisbury. You all work very hard to bring additional
resources to the Zoo to match the City's support. Campbell & Cohen want to
eliminate the Education Curator position - that is position is funded through
a grant from the MD State Department of Education, two endowments at the
Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, special events, and program fees.
This Zoo is the heart & soul of this City. Campbell & Cohen use the term "non-
essential" to refer to this Zoo: how does that make you feel?

Please forward this e-mail to your friends, neighbors, and family. Contact
Campbell & Cohen at:

Deborah S. Campbell
809 Camden Ave
Salisbury, MD 21801
Home: 410-860-0893

Terry E. Cohen
536 Druid Hill Avenue
Salisbury, MD 21801
Home: 410-845-0296

2. We will be issuing a press release today to explain the impact of these
lethal cuts in funding to the Zoo. I will forward this press release to you as
soon as it is ready for distribution.

3. Make your voice heard at the next City Council budget meeting on Tuesday,
May 29 in the City Council Chambers of the City/County Government Building. We
need a strong presence - bring your friends, your children, and your passion
for your Zoo.

Attached are the Daily Times article, and Campbell & Cohen's proposed cuts.

Jim Rapp, Director
Salisbury Zoo
P.O. Box 2979
Salisbury, MD 21802
(410) 548-3116 ext. 6

Hadley said...

Well the Asshole is at it again. Today, Sat. 5/26 he put up a long illiterate diatribe against Jim Rapp and Carrie Samis.

These are two of the people who so thoroughly kicked the Plaintiff’s ass in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT case: Jennifer Albero v. CITY OF SALISBURY, et al. See excerpt below, taken from at Joe Albero Is A Class Act. Here is a link to the blog:


Albero appears to have gotten along well with her fellow employees and supervisors until 2001. As will be discussed, Albero and her co-workers socialized both on and off the job. Her employment grievances began in the fall of that year, when Carrie Samis (“Samis”), the Zoo’s Education Curator, secured a job reclassification that carried a raise. Samis’ raise upset Albero, who believed that Samis did not deserve one, and because no one else at the Zoo received a raise at that time.


This is a prime example of why this asshole should not be accorded the respect of a real journalist/reporter. He has a vested personal interest in hurting the zoo and certain staff members of the zoo. He holds a personal grudge against these people because they were, in his opinion (but not the Court’s) mean to his sweetie.

He throws out the number of 125 animals as if he has counted them. He tries to make it sound as if it is an exact number. In truth he has no idea how many animals are at the zoo.

This why so few people comment on his site. And why so few people actually visit his site for news or learned opinions. After you discount the “Web Search Bots” that visit each web site numerous times each day, and after you discount the multiple hits generated by one visitor clicking multiple times, he has a pathetically poor number of readers. Most of his visitors go just to see the train wreck.

Myndful said...

Hadley, I think you're kind of mistaken with your last statements. While you are correct that people don't necessarily go there for the news, I believe he has a decent readership - after all, we all enjoy seeing the trainwreck! I just have to get my sbynews/entertainment fix.

Hadley said...

I was referring to people who go there for NEWS, as opposed to entertainment. The inflated numbers of his invisible hit counter notwithstanding, I would agree that lots of people read the funny papers.

The problem with his version of the news is that it is full of opinion, and misleading photographs.

TomCat said...

The REAL problem is that he uses his site to harrass people and spew his vindictive hatred.